In this tutorial I will explain how to setup Wordpress with Hostgator.

If you have your hosting set up with hostgator and would like to add a wordpress site, this is how you can do it.

At this point you would have
1. a domain name
2. a hostgator account

In my example I have my domain setup over at pointing to my Hostgator account.

The first thing you need to do is add your domain, to your hostgator account.
If it is your first domain and you signed up your account with the domain this is done already.

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AnnieB Premium
Hi Veronica. I have a question. To change hosting from WA to somewhere else, is all I have to do change the DNS from within the new hosting company once I get an account with them, and then my site is live again. Or is there a lot more to it. ie. my site won't work or be live at all?
bolopr Premium
Hello veronica, to change hosting you only have to change the DNS configuration so that it points to the hosting of your website. Here are some articles that explain this process with WA hosting, but you can apply it to your own hosting company of preference! Hope These help!