Have you ever been frustrated while creating a blog, social media post, instant message, or email because the text is plain, and there is no toolbar to use to customize your text?!


If there's not a toolbar available in the post box/editor you are using, then there is an external option that you can use anywhere!

In this Tutorial, I will be sharing a tool that I use whenever I want to customize my text.

It's called YayText.

YayText: The Text Customization Tool

At yaytext.com, you can enter any word or phrase into a text box and change it to

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Cursive
  • Bubble
  • Square
  • Strikethrough
  • Double-struck
  • Upside-down
  • and more!


    When you visit yaytext.com, you will see a left sidebar menu with a list of options for customizing your text.

    Simply choose what you would like to do, then type the words you wish to customize into the provided text box. Your use-options will immediately appear directly below.

    BOLD and Italics

    The BOLD and Italics customizations are done by the same tool.

    Below, you can see I've typed into the text box:

    I want BOLD text!

    I want Italics!

    And I have received variations of my text in bold and italics that I can either Preview, Copy to paste somewhere else, or Tweet.

    [ Of course, you'd want to enter each separately, as you'd intend to use them, but for this example, I've entered them together. ]

    When I'm creating a Facebook post, and I want to customize my text to emphasize a point, I use YayText to design my text.

    What other cool things can you do with YayText?

    Let's look at examples of Bubble and Square next...

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    Tirolith Premium
    This is great so Cris,
    Thank you for your time. Tom.
    cris1018 Premium
    Thank you, Tom!
    JoePlale Premium
    A Lot of the options don't seem to render on my Android device ??

    If someone who is seeing All the goodness on a Desktop or Laptop could also try it on an Android Tablet, and tell the class if it is Platform dependant, or am I just hallucinating .. heh !!


    cris1018 Premium
    Hey Joe!
    I had only used it from a tablet or desktop prior to writing this, but I just tested it on my Android phone, and it worked fine (?) Definitely not as user friendly trying to use on a phone though. Much faster and easier on a PC.
    JoePlale Premium
    hmmm .. that's odd .......
    Looking at it, with my "Galaxy Tab-A" Tablet, a couple instance is as seen below (I assume the first text should be in some form of Script/Cursive font, but as you can see, It ain't happening .. lol)


    cris1018 Premium
    That is odd! I believed you. I just can't replicate the error on my end!
    I did a search though to figure it out, and as it turns out, some devices will render different looks. In fact, on the bottom of each page in YayText, under whichever tool you use, there is a section that shows different possible results depending on the device!
    ShaneLacey Premium
    Great post.
    One for the tool box.
    Regards Shane.
    cris1018 Premium
    Thanks, Shane!
    ShihTzuSteve Premium
    Thanks for sharing, this look like a useful tool.
    cris1018 Premium
    It's super cool! And so easy to use!!!
    MiaL Premium
    That's really cool - thanks!
    cris1018 Premium
    Glad you like it!