Adding Images & Videos

1. Images

Before you get any images on your post, make sure you optimize them. Resize them and compress them to boost your website speed.

If you don't know how to do it, check out How To Optimize Images Online.

Fill in the Alt-text in each image you upload. It's an image description for visually impaired people, but also a good way for search engines to understand what's the image about. If possible, include the keyword in, at least, one of the images.

2. Videos

If you can embed a video on your post, do it! It's even better if you make your video yourself.

Yes, it'll be difficult in the beginning, and your first videos won't be good, but that's the way it works, and that's how you'll get better. Plus, it's not very possible to find exactly the video you want for every post you publish. So why not make your own?

Even if you don't want to have your face in, you can make screencast videos with tools like OBS Studio or animated videos with tools like Animaker and Biteable. You don't even have to use your own voice with tools like Animaker Voice.

No matter whose video it is, make sure that the video you'll embed will be responsive.

Preview your post to make sure everything is as they should and...

Publish Your Post!

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