Getting your posts ranked as soon as possible is, probably, the most important thing you should be focused on, when starting a blog. How will people read your blog if they can't find it?

So here, I'll share with you the full checklist I follow on every post I publish and I think it works pretty well. It includes tips we've learned here and a few from other sources, as well!


Before Writing

1. Find the Topic

First, you have to find a topic for the new post. If you can't think of anything, you can check out:

  • Google Trends
  • Jaaxy Brainstorm
  • Old Articles
  • Comments
  • Ask on Social Media
  • Title Generators (I've gotten some great ideas from title generators)
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Search Engines
    • People Also Ask
    • Related Searches
  • Quora

Some ideas you may like:

  • Beginners' Guide to your Niche
  • 101 Stuff
  • Personal Experience
  • Article with Tips
  • Inside Jokes
  • Gift Ideas for People in your Niche

2. Get your Keyword

Now, it's time to find the keyword you'll target. Remember:

  • AVG>50
  • QSR<100
  • It has to make sense!

You can find keyword ideas on:

  • Jaaxy
    • Main Search
    • Related Keywords
    • Brainstorm
    • Alphabet Soup
  • UberSuggest
  • Search Engines
    • Related Searches
    • Google Instant
    • People Also Ask

3. Check Competition

You have to check out the competition. Even if you have only 10 competitors, if they are strong enough, they'll knock you out.

You can use Moz bar to find out some stats fast. Things to take into consideration:

  • Publish Date
  • Domain Score
  • Post Length
  • Backlinks

Also, check out Jay's training on Researching Keywords.

4. Find the Why

Think about who will read this post and what they want to learn from it. This gives you a direction to how you'll write the article.

5. Plan the Post

Make a general outline of the post before starting to write. It'll make writing easier and faster.

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