So, list posts are very popular and relatively easy and fun to write. Typically, you would have an eye-catching headline, always with a number in it, followed by a list of bite-sized facts or tips. Here are some examples:

15 Ways to Improve Your Memory

12 Methods of Cooking Chicken

9 Facts About Getting to Page 1 on Google

However, the problem with most of these is that they don't give enough information on each individual tip or fact. As such, Google won't see them as useful, they don't solve a problem. What you need to do is write an expanded list post. Let's see how we put it together. Move on to the next lesson.

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StephanieSu Premium
I’ve been working on list posts lately and keep on having to remind myself to highlight the benefit to the reader. That’s the hard part as by default I tend to just write too generalized.

I’ve been expanding on posts but still trying to perfection design so that call to action is clear and easy to find.
1Rudy1 Premium
Great advice e, exactly what I was looking for!

Thanks, Diane!
wammark Premium
Short but covering all the essentials precisely. Thanks for sharing Diane.

We are Blessed.
BarbaraBC Premium
This is a great post! Very helpful. I am going to bookmark it for future reference when I want to write an expanded list post.
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Great training. Thank you, Diane :-)