After a question posted right here at WA I realised that I've assumed so much. The question from the new WA member you'll find is one that you yourself asked one day.

So no stone left unturned eh!

How to write a post in wordpress is covered here. By the end of this video you'll bee able to create a post in wordpress no problemo!..

Wordpress probably the best web-builder in the world!

More here from Me on setting up wordpress.

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AnnieD210 Premium Follow Me
annie hi wonte to but did any thing come out of the video could not make it play thinks
mission0ps Premium Top 200 Follow Me
Seems to be up and running again - but no worries I am making a whole new set for 2014 and beyond. WP gas changed loads since I recorded that.
pixLmovR Premium Follow Me
Great video! Thanks!
necopam Premium Follow Me
When this started I thought that writing a post was something I knew something about wrong was I? So much more than I realised. Will go back to this video a few times that is for sure. I just can't get my head around linking. Thanks
mission0ps Premium Top 200 Follow Me
Cheers Neil - and to be honest I think I should revisit the wordpress setup blog as so much has changed.

Especially with WP 3.9
necopam Premium Follow Me
Don't frighten me more lol
mama2karsten Premium
I am not seeing a video.... oh there it is... it loaded slow... This will be helpful to many new members
mission0ps Premium Top 200 Follow Me
Cheers mama :)
mama2karsten Premium
FYI I came to check it out again and it does have loading issues. Might be a WA issue or something else... the only thing I see when opening here are the links and comment section. I think it is unique to this post as I have not experienced this on any other blog posts here in WA.
mission0ps Premium Top 200 Follow Me
Hi again Mama, It may take a while to load, it's 28mins but it loaded OK at my end, cheers for the heads up though!