The best way to make money online is to have a personal blog and always build out content on it. Once you've figured this out, becoming a successful blogger is guaranteed. In today's tutorial, we're going to emphasize how you can write a blog post and make it go viral on search engine result pages (SERPs).

The success of a blog is determined by the quality and frequency of the blog posts published on it. Content is King and it remains King for as long as websites exist and people keep searching for information on the web.

If a hundred strategies are shortlisted for building a first-page ranking on a blog, content will certainly top the list. Any blog post that doesn’t regard content as King is not an ideal blog to follow. Such a blog will definitely make one go astray.

One of the most horrible blogging mistakes some veterans make is that they try to use auto-traffic generation software to build their websites, whereas, this attracts a slap from Google on detection.

What strategy are you implementing to build your own blog? Do you try to create content frequently? It’s high time you rose up to the task of creating awesome content for your audience. This is the best time for you to draw better plans and strategies which ensure that you get on the first page soonest.

The earlier you start pulling with content, the better it’s going to be with your business. Google wouldn’t hesitate to reward you with more rankings by publishing content frequently than creating content once in a blue moon.

For this purpose, I decided to create this tutorial to help every veteran blogger improve on creating better content for their sites.

In today’s training tutorial, I would love to share a few tips to creating an awesome blog post with you, but you will only see results once you can follow those tips.

Here are 7 working tips to writing an ideal blog post:

  1. Identify your ideal audience
  2. Set up a personal blog and add a custom domain
  3. Use a responsive & customized theme
  4. Write your first blog post using a keyword research tool
  5. Craft a captivating headline for all your write-ups
  6. Lure readers down the page with your introductory content
  7. Create your content naturally

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Barney44 Premium
You caught me with the title. Hoped you had some sort of magic formulate to create exciting new post RAPIDLY. Not the true intent of your article I see after reading a few lines.

You have presented a great deal of truth about how we can better serve our audience and thus build our wealth whether it be in money, friends or just plain feeling good about ourselves.

Thanks for sharing

JohnJStanley Premium Plus
I agree, from the title I also hoped you had some sort of magic formulae to create exciting new post RAPIDLY. Not the true intent of your article I see after reading a few lines.
Personally, I find doing keyword research, deciding on a headline, then writing the article very time consuming. Haven't been able to get this below 7-8 hours for my 3,000+ word posts
zayac Premium
thank you so much this is helpful,
I have an issue there I always try to apply what you have mentioned but sometimes my traffic goes a bit higher and all of a sudden it drops by high I mean 100+ any way I can fix that I want to reach 1k +
julesnp Premium
Thanks again Israel for another very inspiring post.

Wishing you the very best.

Jessibelle72 Premium
Thanks for a great, informative and useful post!
lorac4000 Premium
This is very useful thank you. I do have 1 issue is that my keyword research usually leads to maybe too much research. I just started using the keyword tool. I didn't realise I had it.
My problem is finding a few keywords, I usually think great I make a post around them. Usually, I then find I need to research my topic around them. This does mean I don't make the new post very quickly.
TMcKeever Premium
That is exactly what happens to me. I slow down because I need to research around the exact key word or phrase that I ended up picking. Glad I’m not the only one.
lorac4000 Premium
I thought I was lol. If I can do 1 good post a day or 2 then that's good. I once had a go at the 30-minute blog post challenge. I just started with a tittle and went from there. it was much quicker but not as long. Still good experience though.