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Hi Everyone!

Today, I wanted to share with you a free tool I use to create an editorial calendar for all of my websites and blogs.

I wanted to add that in order to name the labels within the Trello boards, you will need an free Google Chrome extension that is called Trelables for Trello.

In addition to that I also use the Google Extension Layouts For Trello (again it is free) to change the way I can arrange the lists within the individual boards.

Over the next few days and weeks, I will be adding a few more videos to highlight all of the awesome ways to use Trello for your business.

Bonus: I created a Workflow Board that you can copy for your own use, which includes a list of tasks for your weekly review - here is the link:

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LOConnor1 Premium
This is amazing. I had forgotten about Trello and now with your templates and training I can review what i forgot. Awesome job!!
ClaudiaHB Premium
glad that you found this useful! Blessings!
eosegueraf Premium
Thank you so much Claudia:
Trello's free version is far more than I need. Thanks for sharing. I have been a WA for less than two months and I am eager to do some training once I am allowed to.
With my very best regards from México.
AniGago Premium
I love Trello. It completely changed my life, saving a lot of time. I am now more organized. No more excuses.
ClaudiaHB Premium
Trello is amazing like that - glad you found it useful - blessings!
Marlinda1 Premium
Thanks for this training Claudia! I need some help organizing so I will try this out for sure. tfs :)
ClaudiaHB Premium
You're welcome. Glad you found the training useful.