Did you know that the training at Wealthy Affiliate can give you the knowledge to make you rich?

It's true!

If you focus you will have the knowledge to generate a constant flow of residual income.

Yet, sadly, a high percentage of people never succeed.


Well, let me share with you a quote from Anthony Robins.

"One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.” -Anthony Robbins

This makes so much sense to those who are succeeding and those who aren't. I struggled for many years, even after I found Wealthy Affiliate.

Was I a dabbler?

I hope not.

Was I focused? No.

But I think my biggest problem was that I was so overwhelmed and excited about the knowledge here, that I wanted to do it all at once.

I wanted to read and learn everything. So I did a bit here and a bit there, but I never really concentrated my focus. I guess you could say that I was overloaded with information.

Does this sound like you?

So then, I decided to slow down and take one step at a time. I got back to basics. I went through the getting started program and I did it the way it was meant to be done...one course at a time.

My point is, when we direct our focus on the things that move us closer to our goal we can achieve what we really want.

Do you want success at Wealthy Affiliate? You can have it!

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maxxlife Premium
Thank you Wendy. The training was very useful and motivated. cheers.
wendyk Premium
You are very welcome Maxx. I'm glad you found it helpful.
MPollock Premium
Great information, and I try to focus everyday all day.
wendyk Premium
shermand2268 Premium
I agree that there's so much information - so many (many many many many) things you can do with your website that it's hard to stay focused. You want to chase not only two rabbits...but dozens! :)
wendyk Premium
I know what you mean. It is so easy to get totally lost in all the information. It's really important to keep as focused as possible.
Mimi-CU Premium
Great tips Wendy! I agree, WA can be overwhelming and some never truly make it to the end of the lessons. Staying focused and being able to implement what you are thought makes a great difference.
wendyk Premium
Thank you Mimi
Tezsie Premium
So true, gotta aim your focus. Thanks for sharing this, Wendy.
wendyk Premium
Thanks Tezsie.