Post Regularly

This would need more than setting up a Facebook page as I need to use it by frequent posting.

Katie Campbell, social media manager once said, “post as frequent as you can and at a minimum, once per day. “This is because your audience and customers want to feel like they know your business and can relate to you at whatever time of your working hours. It not only requires posting regularly but posting quality services, which would only happen if I tend to offer quality beauty services. Posting and sharing behind the scenes information and images of the services I offer from contented customers i.e. Pedicure and Manicure done from my beauty shop would help show off the quality of my services. This would also show my dedication to transparency and quality.

In cases where one is unsure of the customers need, there are chances of experimenting using Facebook poll features to ask what they want or take a look at Facebook page insights which helps take the guess work out of sharing. It also slows for exceptional boost to search for engine optimization as posting regularly is most straightforward and inexpensive method for a business to create this.

When a business creates blog posts consistently, they are constantly providing google, yahoo and other platforms for fresh content to index. It develops and strengthens relationships with existing and new customers as one builds trust with the target audience through high quality content that they find relevant. With an active comment section, one is able to follow the visitor’s responses to the post and will be able to respond directly to their comments, which is huge in building trust and relationships

Ask Your Network To Share Blog Posts.

Teamwork is important when it comes to business growth and reaching out to people. This includes asking partners, friends, family members and employees to share posts on their personal pages and profiles as well. This would otherwise bring the services to people’s eyes and better recognized by people and gives them awareness about the business too. It would also mean incorporating every single resource the company has into the marketing strategy, allowing each to inform the use of others. Thus, enhancing creation of anew and powerful marketing momentum leading to its drastic growth as a result.

Listing Events.

Using a Facebook business page, one is able to list and host events or speak out to people somewhere. Also creating an event page where one is able to list the day and place the events will be taking place with “first come free offer services”. This would automatically if not keep people on toes as majority would prefer to save for the free offer services. These events would also help me get feedback from the number of RSVP and also views from the attendees. Spreading the word by creating a Facebook event would also help in reaching a wider audience, also persuading more people to attend by building a bigger fan base.

Listing of events would also involve use of images of the services you have already done from contented customers. This is because images tend to draw bigger engagement between people in Facebook


Facebook has played a greater role in promoting a business and thus urging other people to try it too because it has promoted my beauty shop business.

Have a Nice Day !

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Terand Premium
I’m not a FB person. Ha. Need to adjust myself back to accept it, if I need it for my business. WA is still the best platform, in my opinion. Thank you for your sharing, Samantha :o)
SnazzyIT Premium
I got my Google ranks through my face book page :) thanks for sharing.
Babou3 Premium
Facebook is not my friend at all, but this is the place
to be to do a good buisness.

ExpatMark Premium
I hate, hate, hate facebook. But it is an evil we all have to live with and use to be successful. Thanks for sharing.

newmarketpro Premium
Hi Samantha,
Thank you for taking time and creating this training.
Doing it right, I believe Facebook is still a great place to promote a business despite their stringent guidelines on advertisement.