Join Facebook Groups.

Despite of the obvious mentality about LinkedIn within people whenever it comes to online marketing, Facebook is a super friendly, more efficient and easier way from a glance too. This is because it offers similar opportunities.

In case of beauty shop, joining different Facebook groups using one’s personal account targeting the audience that definitely fit in the services provided i.e. campuses or just within estates would create a better known of the services offered within the beauty shop.

This involves taking more contributions to the conversations taking place in the groups, whereby, the more contribute the more my name will be recognized and thus form of a base of marketing my services.

After being quite recognized, it would then involve several if not frequent posts of my services i.e. pedicure and manicure done to contented customers on their courtesy.

This would also become successful if my partners or friends back me up on my posts thus drawing more attention and curiosity among people.

From the positive comments I get from different people about what I offer, this would boost my esteem and urge to work better and more whereas from the negative comments, I would learn and correct on them immediately as needed by my audience.

Joining groups of already successful beauty shops would be worth it too as I get to learn and implement the lessons on my business to, also getting to know what is mostly preferred by my target audience.

Creating A Personal Business Presence Using A Fan Page

One of the major strengths of Facebook is its ability to create relationships between businesses and their audiences. This is because people literally link in to groups that offer services they are interested into.

The person to person interaction that can happen on Facebook makes consumers feel that they have encountered a brand in a meaningful way and that they now have a special connection with that company. In this aspect, it reduces the strangeness or doubts of a person towards the services being provided by a certain company, in this case, a beauty shop. It feels much better when someone not only interacts with the brand but with the people behind it.

This Facebook fan page would also help legitimize one’s business in the customer’s eyes thus gaining their trust. Addition of more information on the business fan page about ones business i.e. Address, contact information, websites, business hours and services provided is of more benefit too.

Uploading Profiles And Cover Photos That Support Your Business.

Business profile and cover photos that reflects what the business entails and its progress create a solid and professional Facebook presence for the business owner. Use of a fan page is of more use than personal page this is because one is capable of keeping their personal life private as a business page is not related in any way by a personal page. It also allows one to optimize publicity on their fan page.

A Facebook fan page also acts as a search engine results which literally mean that some of the public content are indexed as well. Having a social presence is very important as one is capable of directing traffic to their website. This also allows tagging of the brand where fans and other fan pages can tag this business fan page whereas friends can tag your own personal page thus showing up as many news feed as possible. This tagging increases the engagement, not to mention the fan base.

This also allows for Facebook insights whereby to be a smart marketer, means knowing how to maximize each post and learning which posts work best for your brand. This is the insight one needs to deliver the right content to the fans. Also allows for plain and simple profile so as to avoid clients being lost on whatever you are marketing when viewing at your posts or adverts. Fan pages also allows one to comment as their brand as long as they like pages officially to your fan page, one can comment and post as well. In doing so, one increases the brand exposure and providing valuable insights and conversations with a new audience.

It also gives one an opportunity to showcase their adverts or blogs about their business to other pages. These should be brands that one has a relationship with and that have a similar following. It also comprises of admin connections by granting access select people access to the fan page. This is advantageous as it’s avoid giving out your password to different multiple people. This also allows for checking of balances system for your brand

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Terand Premium
I’m not a FB person. Ha. Need to adjust myself back to accept it, if I need it for my business. WA is still the best platform, in my opinion. Thank you for your sharing, Samantha :o)
SnazzyIT Premium
I got my Google ranks through my face book page :) thanks for sharing.
Babou3 Premium
Facebook is not my friend at all, but this is the place
to be to do a good buisness.

ExpatMark Premium
I hate, hate, hate facebook. But it is an evil we all have to live with and use to be successful. Thanks for sharing.

newmarketpro Premium
Hi Samantha,
Thank you for taking time and creating this training.
Doing it right, I believe Facebook is still a great place to promote a business despite their stringent guidelines on advertisement.