Open A Facebook Business Page Account.

This entails filling out one’s business information in the “About tab” including:

Attractive page name captivates clients’ eyes, as this will help them reach out to you easily and at any time. Having an updated business page account with a profile photo and cover photo will automatically prompt people towards your business hence promoting one’s businesses. This will also help one market their business as this business profile photo will appear as an icon every moment a member within the business team comments on a post or publish in the News Feed. This account also helps one to stream live videos of the services offered i.e. In this case some pedicure and manicure done to contented customers. Currently, videos speak out more than many other sources of information offered about one services as people get to interact with its clients lively.

It Allows One To Customize The Business Page

This customize tab allows one to configure how one wants their page to have and to look like including the appearance of their posts, photos and reviews of the business. One is also capable to divide these tabs to be on their pages and their orders including:

The business page also includes various templates i.e. Business, services, video pages and shops.

It Allows One To Add Collaborators Of Their Own Choice To The Page.

Team working is best when it comes to offering business services and soon planning to share ones Facebook marketing services, one requires a team as one tends to grant access to various people and various roles including:

  • Admin - has total access to everything by default.
  • Editor - has the capability to edit the page, send various texts and posts, share posts videos
  • And links, creating Facebook ads, viewing insights, also seeing which admin posted
  • Or commented too.
  • Analyst - can see which admin created a post or comment and viewed insights.
  • Advertiser - is capable of noting the admin that created a post or comment, also capable of creating ads and viewing of insights.
  • Moderator - is capable of responding to and deleting of comments on the page, sending
  • As a page, also seeing which admin created a post or commented, creating
  • Advertisements and viewing of insights too.

PAGE 3 – Designing your Facebook Page

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Terand Premium
I’m not a FB person. Ha. Need to adjust myself back to accept it, if I need it for my business. WA is still the best platform, in my opinion. Thank you for your sharing, Samantha :o)
SnazzyIT Premium
I got my Google ranks through my face book page :) thanks for sharing.
Babou3 Premium
Facebook is not my friend at all, but this is the place
to be to do a good buisness.

ExpatMark Premium
I hate, hate, hate facebook. But it is an evil we all have to live with and use to be successful. Thanks for sharing.

newmarketpro Premium
Hi Samantha,
Thank you for taking time and creating this training.
Doing it right, I believe Facebook is still a great place to promote a business despite their stringent guidelines on advertisement.