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How to Upload an Animated Gif to Instagram Even Though Instagram Won't Let You!

In this quicky training video you'll discover how to "Upload an Animated Gif to Instagram Even Though Instagram Won't Let You!"

Okay, as you may know, Instagram doesn't allow animated gifs to be uploaded on their platform. That is at this time and I don't know if they'll add that function in the future or not. Maybe, maybe not.

Who cares? Not me 😜

That's because I've got a little hack, or cheat, which you can use to turn an animated gif into a tiny MP4 file which is actually just a regular video.

It's easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Why upload animated gifs (or videos) to Instagram?

Well in my experience they get a LOT more attention than any static image will. For example, I uploaded a low quality animated gif (which you'll see in this video above) and after 1 hour it had 89 views. There wasn't even a caption with it or any hashtags. Just the animated gif (video)

Anyhoo, take a look at how easy it is to upload a seeminly animated gif which is actually a converted gif to your Instagram.

It's worth mentioning, the same goes for any social media. If you have a bit of movement in an image, it helps to get attention in the crowd. It's called "pattern interrupt", or "NLP" it for more details...

Ciao for now!


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Jim-Bo Premium
Questions? Ask away!
kr41 Premium
Brilliant Jim great video, nice to here a familiar voice too, I'm from Halifax? Also been with WA 4 years, I'm just looking at getting going with Instagram so it's another learning curve, I know I got behind a bit but never too late eh? Thanks for this and all the best to you 👍
Jim-Bo Premium
Thanks matey

Northerners...salt of the earth, matey! 👌🤑😎
kr41 Premium
Get in there 💪☺
Debs66 Premium
Well cool.

Thank you. My mobile is broke I wished I could do it from my PC lol. I want to try it out..

You have lost your York accent lol by the way. :))
Debs :)
Jim-Bo Premium
I always put my posh accent on for videos, Debs! 😜
MarionBlack Premium
Snazzy little hack there, Jimbo.
Jim-Bo Premium
I knew you'd like that one, Marion!