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A domain is something that you not only own (just like real estate), it appreciates in value and it will lead to much better rankings in Google. It is also an opportunity to brand yourself and create an authority within a niche. sites are a wonderful starting point and testing ground for your business, but at some point you are going to want to consider moving to a domain of your own. As a PREMIUM member here at WA, you can host 25 of your own domains as well as free 25 websites on the domain (total of 50 websites)!

In this training I am going to be walking you through the process of transferring an existing website you have created ( over to your own domain name.

Before you move through this training, you should first own your own domain name. You can buy domains and register them directly through the SiteDomains platform here at WA. Here are instructions on how to do this.

How to Buy a Domain Name With SiteDomains

There is no additional set-up after buying a domain name, upon purchasing you will be able to transfer your new website over to your own domain name using the Move feature.

The "Move" feature takes care of everything, including:

  • Transferring all of the website files/themes
  • Transferring all of your plugins
  • Transferring the user accounts
  • Redirecting all of your old website pages to your new pages automatically
  • Making sure the transfer is SEO friendly
If you have any questions about any of the content within this training, please do let me know and I will give you a hand.

PS. If you have not purchased your domain name yet, you can do so here.

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Sabinaz Premium
maybe someone has answered this below but Im getting frustrated that I have pointed my Godaddy nameservers to WA but now when I want to change the site rubix and I press 'move' I just get the option of putting the web address in the cart.... and I dont get any message to move it... what am I doing wrong???
Labman Premium
Is it the cart or the URL entry location. You need to tell the SiteRubix where the new location is.

It's been awhile but as I recall, the prompt is to put the URL of the final location into the box.
MariaCongia1 Premium
My Nerves are finished I am stressing!!! Can anybody help me? I want to transfer siterubix to a recent domain I purchased at WA and this is the message I am getting! I am afraid ill loose all my info on current website...........................................................
Please be advised: All files and content (including database) on will be permanently deleted and overwritten by the new website. This cannot be undone, so please be sure that you want to overwrite all files and content on before proceeding. If there is any important Files on you may wish to back them up first.
onmyownterms Premium
If you have information already on your purchased domain, it will be overwritten by the information on your subdomain, they will not be 'merged' - if all you have there is a theme with no content, no worries.
Rainfalls Premium
I did all of this. When I go to " move " my domain which I purchased from Godaddy. It is not listed . I have nothing to choose from. It just gives me the alternatives to buy a .net etc. But I already have my .com .

My Siterubix site was already built though. Unlike this example I guess.
Triblu Premium
Now you've REALLY confused me ... and I'm NOT a newbie at moving/creating websites.

1) Your screen options have definitely change since this video was created.

2) My domain names are already registered ... and pointing to my web hosting in Toronto, ON.

3) Wordpress has been installed.

So ... how do I move my files?

1) Do I have to now go back and point to WA name servers first and THEN transfer... I'm lost :-(

I've attach a screen print of what I see when I click my Move button.
Triblu Premium
:'( can you help?
Juneyo Premium
Let me get this right, you want to move siterubix to your own domain which is outside of WA? If yes, then you can’t. Because the move feature can only be used within WA. What you can do is create a backup of your siterubix site using a plugin and restore it to your own website.
Triblu Premium
Thank YOU Juneyo
So I do NOT understand the title here: ...which CLEARLY states "How to Transfer a SiteRubix Website to Your Own Domain" but fails to show exactly how.

Will attempt your suggestion.
Thanks again,
Triblu Premium
THANK YOU Juneyo ... it WORKED perfectly!

Juneyo Premium
I’m glad it worked out well for you =)

He said if you purchase your domain outside of WA then click To A New Domain. In order to do so, you have to point your DNS to WA first and only then you’ll be able to do that. It got me confused as well before when I wanted to move the siterubix to my own domain.
Triblu Premium
So am I Juneyo.

Mmm ... which is what I asked in my original question.

Obviously, this video is in bad need of updating. That plugin made it sooooo simple to transfer. Yipeeeeee!

Thank YOU for making this soooo much easier for me.

EverEspana Premium
@Kyle...Thanks for this video man, however, I think the video needs to be updated. The current site manager does not match the design of the one in the video and the process described in the video is not exactly the same. I have spent probably 4 hours trying to figure this out. I see multiple people have asked the same question over and over, and are being pointed to this URL, but the video is not exactly correct.

I think @Juneyo steps below are the correct steps. Is it possible to please update this video to help future members.

From @Juneyo's comment below:

Go to SiteRubix – Site Builder. Select On a Domain I Own and type in your new domain name in the Add Your Domain Name box. A green tick will appear as you finished typing. Then, just fill in everything.

After you click on I’m Ready, Build My Site Now, go to SiteRubix – Site Manager. Locate the Siterubix site you want to move and click on the Move blue button. Choose To an Existing Domain and select the new domain name from the Choose existing dropdown. Then, click I’m Ready, Move My Site. Everything will be overwritten and all your contents will be moved to the new domain.
EverEspana Premium
Confirmed @Juneyo's steps work...You have to create your own domain website first, then go back to site manager and move the siterubix site to the website you just created. Seems like that is the step missing in the video.