What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is the art of utilizing the internet to create audio recordings in a series of broadcasts about a topic/s or niche/s, and availing them for downloading or live listening to an interested audience.

How is Podcasting Relevant to You?

It's relevant because you want to renew your online business wings like an eagle does. This is one of the ways you scale your online business to new heights.

Podcasting for many an online content builders (read bloggers) is one of the “next level” approaches they immediately embark on when their various sites in their respective niches start gaining solid authority and high rankings on search engines.

The question is why are they doing it? Is text content consumption decreasing in favour of a listening audience? Does audio content give your fans a better feel of you in person?

You want to do it too as data showing growth of new interest in podcasting among populations is at a record high since 2012. Of course, this assumes you've not began as yet.

Did you know that you could take your site or blog a notch higher by engaging your audience in regular podcast broadcasts? Traffic could increase exponetially as more and more people are preferring audio and audio-visual content to reading text.

A Few Recent Statistics- 2019

Based on Edison and Nielsen Research companies, the following emerging data is being associated with current trends in podcasting.

  • There are above 700,000 regular podcasts online to-date.
  • There are over 29 million podcast episodes online currently.
  • Podcast content is in over 100 different languages worldwide.
  • Only 30% of the US population are unfamiliar with “podcasting” as a term.
  • 51% of people in the US have already listened to at least one podcast.
  • 32% of the US population are regular monthly podcast listeners.
  • 19 million US citizens are avid podcast fans.
  • Podcast ad revenue stands at $514 million, projected to hit $659 million by 2020.

For more mind blowing information and better tabulated presentation go to https://musicoomph.com/podcast-statistics/

Is Podcasting Complicated?

This training serves to show that podcasting is not a waste of time or value should you embark on it. In a dilemna thinking of either or not to start podcasting? On the next page, let's look at where you could start should you make that decision. It's not a complex process!

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WilliamBH Premium
This a a really AWESOME training Boniface .. great info. Will be using it soon.

A couple of questions .. what is a good length for a podcast? What is the best way to create a video and a podcast at the same time?

Cheers, William.
BonifaceN Premium
Hello Bro William,
Thanks a lot for dropping by and making those wonderful comments and also for asking quite relevant questions.
Podcast Duration
Every podcast session has a topic that it handles for that particular time. By all means, the duration of talk and discussion in that session must be as long as value is being communicated, and after editing, there'll be no moments of fluff or re-emphasizing on things already handled.

This means that whereas it's good to be consistent with a certain range of minutes (global average is 43) one must only make their podcast as long as their audience will not feel like they are really wasting time waiting for points to take in.

Thus 25 minutes of quality content would beat an hour of wordy discussion that really need a lot of filtering to get the points.
Video and Podcast
It is quite a brilliant idea to make both an audio only recording simultaneous with video shooting. Once this is edited, the audio becomes the podcast and also "donates" voice over to the video. You could then upload the video to YouTube to grow a channel- and thus increase traffic. You could use text-to-speech also to be auto transcribing text as you speak along.
You could mention that you have the channel, podcast, and website/blog (for audience who prefer audio-visual, audio, and readable text, respectively).
Once again, thanks so much.
Boniface, ua atha bratha
Shannonkamal Premium
Great share! Someone has been asking me about beginning one and your training gave me just what I needed to guide them

Good Job
Shannon Kamal
BonifaceN Premium
Thanks so much bro Kamal for coming by and making that comment. Send the friend a link!
Thanks again.
klchang Premium
Thanks for sharing, Boniface.
I do not think I will be using this for some time.
But this is a training that is informative and helpful.
Appreciate your effort preparing this.
All the best and kind regards. Cheers.
BonifaceN Premium
Bro Chang,
Thanks so much for dropping by, reading and commenting.

I really appreciate your point because podcasting is a whole lot more involving and kind of strict to a schedule if it's ever going to work. Until one adjusts their program it's be a challenge rather than a blessing.

Though you'll not be using podcasting for sometime, it is worthy to know that audience growth rises exponentially at some point when audio- and video- dimensions are added to strengthen text content.
Your other Brother.