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Sharing on Facebook can be an effective way of getting reach as an affiliate. At Wealthy Affiliate we have several different ways and types of affiliate links that you can share with your social audience (friends, family, acquaintances) on Facebook.

In this training I am going to walk you through the following:

(1) Where to find your affiliate links
(2) The different types of affiliate links at Wealthy Affiliate
(3) How to copy your affiliate links into Facebook
(4) How to share your content in an engaging way on Facebook

If you have any questions about sharing your content on Facebook or your WA affiliate links, please leave them below and I will be happy to help you out.

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nickohls Premium
This is the most relevant piece of info I've been trying to ask for over the past few months. I'll definitely going to try it out & see the results.
Harrysastar2 Premium
Thanks Kyle, great training, bookmarked for future reference.
fmusiol Premium
Thanks for giving me a better understanding.I'll be using it on my FB page for my website. Can this also be used for Twitter, or G+ or Instagram & Pintrest or is there another format for that?
Kyle Premium Plus
Yes, this can also be used on other social mediums. This is how you should go about sharing any website, including the ones that you will be building.

When you post something on Facebook and you make it feel like a "promotion", people often times be annoyed. Whereas if you look to engage folks, offer opinion, inform, will get a much better reaction.
AchuthanN1 Premium
Good training Kyle.I will bookmark this for future use. Thank you.
TonyMonzon Premium
Hi Kyle,
Great training, I was about to post a new training link from WA to my Facebook account and found this post. Perfect timing!
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, perfect timing indeed. Just make sure that if you share any WA affiliate link you are doing so in a way that is engaging your audience. Avoid just "link dropping". It will lead to more interaction and more people actually taking action.
TonyMonzon Premium
Thanks Kyle!