Did you know that you can share content from any blog post, profile or training resource here at Wealthy Affiliate and earn money in the process? Well you can. Each page here at Wealthy Affiliate has a unique affiliate link attached to it (when you are logged in). Simply click the share buttons, grab your own unique affiliate link, or email the page to your friends and get full LIFETIME referral credit for that post.

In this training I am going to walk you through:

  • Sharing Wealthy Affiliate posts using the social share buttons
  • How to find your affiliate links (on each page)
  • How the share program works
  • How to add your shortened affiliate link to social networks manually
  • How easy it is to share quality content and earn money in the process

If you have any questions about sharing content here at Wealthy Affiliate, let me know via the comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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mdmdmd63 Premium
hi everyone,

i do not find the "LIKE" button. how do i get to other people shared content and share it.
KachinaB Premium
I think the like button for WA has been removed because I asked that same question before too. The best way I think you can share this info is to grab the affiliated link that's in between the blue tool and green comment button at the top of the discussion.

Another way you can share it and also get people to your website is to write content about a topic that allows you to include a discussion from WA and grab the affiliated link and include it in your discussion. Download a social network share plugin for your website and then click to share it. I hope that makes sense!

Best of luck to you!
mdmdmd63 Premium
thank you, but do you have an example of how can i share other people content. where do i find other people blogs and articles?
KachinaB Premium
Usually most ppl if you look to the side or that top or below the article you should see social icons that say something like "click here to share". Click on my article below and you will see buttons on the right side that says share. This will give you the opportunity to share my info on social sites that you have an account with. In order to share content, you will need to sign in on your account with the social network you decide to share the content on.

bidnesslady Premium Top 200
Great info to have. Thanks, Kyle.
DeniseOlsen5 Premium Top 200
Great information! I did not know this, so it is great to have another avenue to get people to sign up for WA! I will be working on this soon!
WealthyAthar Premium
I wish to Know one thing as we write some blog over here and sure its get rank on google search with content or heading we choose, how about some one get join after just reading, as there is no affilate link in blog post, did the system still track. thank you
If you share a WA link, your unique code is embedded.
TonySmith11 Premium
I cant see my facebook linked to WA on any pages within WA and i am logged in, The video is awesome and very helpful nonetheless, Thanks Kyle!
seconds2work Premium
Thanks Kyle for this sharing contents, its something We can all start doing right away even if you don't have a website.
Mmorale28 Premium
Do you have to have a business FB account? or can we used the one we already have?
Ursulla Premium Top 200
You can use your current account since you already have friends there. But for the future, you can create business fb page so people that are not your friends can see your posts and you can set up ads etc.
Mmorale28 Premium
Thank you Ursulla.

I would create a your own Facebook fan page. Your friends may find your business posts annoying. So I like separating the two worlds.
Mmorale28 Premium
Perfect Eddy I shall create my own Facebook fan page. Thank you
No problem.
mmillerca Premium
Do you have to be Premium to get the FB like button to add ? I can't see mine but I am not (yet) Premium so I am just wondering, or am I doing something wrong.
No, you don't...
You have to install a Social Plugin.
Go to Plugins.
Type social in the search bar and find one you like.
mmillerca Premium
Wow, thank you very much.
You're welcome!!!
abesnexus Premium
Please expand on this ...girl. I don't quite understand the process and I want to activate a WA Plugin but it is not on my list. Which Plugins do I go to?
Type the name you want, in the search bar.
When you find it, Install.
abesnexus Premium
Thanks a mill - you simply rock, ...girl!
You're welcome! Until next time...
Twinsmother Premium
Wow. Just type in a name in the search bar and I will find what I want to install? I am just feeling overwhelmed with the WP setup. I want to add content but my confidence is waning. How do I overcome this?
shiannechin Premium
Pretty awesome
kristinhanne Premium
When I tried this is what happened and it looks like my account is hacked..... How can I get around this?
Facebook error    Facebook error  view image
Juneyo Premium Top 100
No, your account is totally fine. I see from your picture you can still access your account.

Maybe you’re clicking on a link somewhere on FB and FB sees that link as a malicious link so, they block it for your own safety. The blocked link is most likely an affiliate link because I read it somewhere here someone mentioned about this.
shiannechin Premium
If it's blocked on fb, just go into your settings, then blocking or notifications depending on the problem. I was told it was an error here as well, but I can't figure it out.
Jaudon Premium
I think this is a easy way to get affiliates without much training. Let's see how it goes.
BetterDays2C Premium Top 200
I need to clarify. I did not take the link from this page. I did go into my revenue page and copied the affiliate link at the top as suggested in the above video. I then pasted it into the content on a page(might have been a post??). Again, I cannot remember this detail. Doe
Okay...what is the link? Let me try...
BetterDays2C Premium Top 200
The url is: supportmilitaryheroes.siterubix. The link is under the title Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Sign-up. Thanks!
BetterDays2C Premium Top 200
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. My computer locked up and I couldn't do anything. I had to go get my phone and answer from it when I realized it is going to take some time to get my computer running again. Thanks!
I see it in the paragraph.
Delete what you have. Have your Affiliate Link copied so you can paste.
Highlight CLICK HERE...the whole phrase.
Now, see the chain link? Click to INSERT LINK.
Paste your Affiliate Link.
Always Open In A New Tab.
I was wondering where you went!
BetterDays2C Premium Top 200
Thanks, upsgirl! I will try this in the morn. Just discovered the fridge is leaking water behind it and warped the floor! This just is not my night! I need to go hide under the covers and hope tomorrow is better!
HAHA...oh, no! Okay...you're welcome!
BetterDays2C Premium Top 200
I tried what you suggested. I could not get it to work! Then what I realized was when you said "see chain link-Click insert link" you were talking about on my actual page where I want to post the link! Lightbulb moment! I clicked on it, and bam! IT WORKED!! Thank You. Unfortunately, people have to explain things to me like you would a 5 year old. I went through 9 months of horrible chemo treatments, and it literally fried my brain! I am getting better, but I can really see the difference when I am trying to learn something. There is a total disconnect. Again, THANK YOU for the help! Now I understand this, at least! Have a GREAT DAY!!
You're welcome! I knew you could do it!!!
BetterDays2C Premium Top 200
Hi. I skipped this the first time I reviewed it. I came back to it hoping after I digested the information, I could make it work. I just listened to it again. I took the affiliate link, copied and pasted it into my website page, but it did not highlight. I then saved it to see if it made a difference, and still nothing happened! I now do not know where I got the affiliate link from, and why it did not work! Can someone help me here and explain what I am doing wrong?? I think I wanted to share this page, and I may have copied the link on this training and pasted it into my page on my website. So is the link on this page of training my link or is it Kyle's, since his name is at the top of the page??? I am totally confused.
It is your link.
What is your url? Let me take a look...
JieYang Premium
This was made on 2013. Check your Facebook status, the Facebook has blocked these kind of share on Facebook. I tried it. And Facebook blocked it by scam with malware. I'm not sure what it is. It would stop let you login at the first time when you direct share from here. Facebook tells you that after malware be scaned, you can login to your account. After that, I logged in . And read this share under activity log that showed private, which is only you status. I think we need to indirect share now.2016
You can share website links.
JieYang Premium
Yeah, I understand that. What I meant was that three years ago's stragety doesn't work anymore. Facebook finds it.
Nichole7789 Premium
Okay that's good to know. i was wondering why it wouldn't let me do it.Thanks, for the tip.
Olsol Premium
Great idea! Makes life that much easier, thx!