Did you know that you can share content from any blog post, profile or training resource here at Wealthy Affiliate and earn money in the process? Well you can. Each page here at Wealthy Affiliate has a unique affiliate link attached to it (when you are logged in). Simply click the share buttons, grab your own unique affiliate link, or email the page to your friends and get full LIFETIME referral credit for that post.

In this training I am going to walk you through:

  • Sharing Wealthy Affiliate posts using the social share buttons
  • How to find your affiliate links (on each page)
  • How the share program works
  • How to add your shortened affiliate link to social networks manually
  • How easy it is to share quality content and earn money in the process

If you have any questions about sharing content here at Wealthy Affiliate, let me know via the comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Asianaaaa Follow Me
So I did the Facebook thing for the "Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds". I clicked on the 'Like' button, entered my Facebook username and password, added a comment, then clicked on the 'Add Comment' button and nothing happened. I did this twice but my status on Facebook didn't update both times that I did it. Confused... :-/
andreagerak Premium Follow Me
Same here, I have asked this already here and would love to know. Anybody has an idea?
indifly Premium Follow Me
try logging into fb before you come on wa and leave tab open. open new tab and sign into wa and do it again and see what happens.
SuzetteH Premium Top 100 Follow Me
It sounds like the same problem I was having. Here is what I did. In Facebook, by the notification icon there is a down arrow. click on that go to activity log. find your post. click on the pencil icon and then click on allow on timeline. I hope this helps, It worked for me ;)
andreagerak Premium Follow Me
Thank you Suzette, I will try that.
andreagerak Premium Follow Me
Indifly, nothing happened, that's why I was asking...
indifly Premium Follow Me
when I tried i wasn't signed in beforehand and it didn't' show but when i signed into before and then sent it it worked sorry it didn't work out that way for you.
CSandiford Premium Follow Me
Every time I log on I'm amazed. Working my way through the Premium membership and Affiliate Bootcamp. Can't wait to start sharing this LIVE Community :-)
DougD Premium Follow Me
This is simply awesome. I've been a premium member for a week. Considering that a week ago i was thinking of buying some SEO books and getting back into learning about web development, this training is the best I could ever get.....with no expensive books!
dhicks35 Premium Top 200 Follow Me
That is correct DougD...It is all here!
SpheredKhigh Premium Follow Me
so glad to be here this is amazing
NBillups Premium Follow Me
Welcome to WA. I am sure you will do well here. I am now following you. Good luck
DougD Premium Follow Me
Thanks NB. Me Also
AKingery Premium Follow Me
The sharing aspect is awesome.
David-Salt Premium Top 200 Follow Me
I love it here! There is no way I could have done what I have so far without being here! The sharing aspect really is awesome!
reading Premium Follow Me
It is very impressive the turns that are possible. I know of a delightful story telling sight I could refer people to and it could certainly be a delight to fellow clowns. And then they are on for a while and a window inviting them to WA pops up? Wow!
prestige39 Premium Follow Me
Wow!. This is a seriously well thought out program here. Cant wait to get through the training now.
Maritere Premium Follow Me
Every step I go through it make me feel more confident about the decision of being premium. Thank you, thank you, thank you...
reading Premium Follow Me
I feel the same way about premium membership. The community of people is worth the premium, even if I never made a cent on this. I do look forward to referring and making more than a cent.
AKingery Premium Follow Me
I will definitely be going premium.
preciousns Premium Follow Me
I think this is a really great feature, to be able to get referrals and credit for sharing content from the site. Definitely the first of it's kind i've seen.
DougD Premium Follow Me
it is awesome. I can't believe I haven't seen it before.
WKelly15 Premium Follow Me
Great video outline. It was very straight forward and well explained.
cigar1 Premium Follow Me
wow cant make it much easier then that!! great apps!!
GJarmusch Premium Follow Me
This is great to be able to share such valuable content with people.
AKingery Premium Follow Me
The sharing aspect appears to add a lot of potential to referrals.
andreagerak Premium Follow Me
Wow, this is cool!
A question though: I hit the Facebook Like button at a blog post here, wrote a comment and sent it to FB - but it is not showing on my profile. What gives?
tommydillard Premium Ambassador Follow Me
You have to share the bolg on your FB account and then it will show up.
andreagerak Premium Follow Me
That's exactly what I did and it did not show up - that's why I am asking.
tommydillard Premium Ambassador Follow Me
I am sorry I read that you hit the like button my bad. Did you copy and paste your affiliate link to it?
andreagerak Premium Follow Me
No, I didn't. I hit the Like button, the box pops up where I can type something that will go on my FB profile along with the link, and hit Add Comment - this should share the whole thing on my facebook and normally it does, but it didn't, from the WA site here.

Sharing the blog post with my affiliate link worked, though.
OlgaCo Premium Follow Me
Thanks for this awesome tool. Just a question, what are the credits used for?
Johnson Premium Follow Me
After you have 20 plus you can cash them in for money.
Lev Premium Follow Me
You convert them into cash, then you can receive the money through paypal. But I think your conversion rate (meaning people who sign up under you that go premium) has to be atleast 5% before you can begin cashing out.
OlgaCo Premium Follow Me
Thanks for this awesome tool. Just a question, what are the credits used for?
David-Salt Premium Top 200 Follow Me
I am interested also.. What are the credits used for?