Did you know that you can share content from any blog post, profile or training resource here at Wealthy Affiliate and earn money in the process? Well you can. Each page here at Wealthy Affiliate has a unique affiliate link attached to it (when you are logged in). Simply click the share buttons, grab your own unique affiliate link, or email the page to your friends and get full LIFETIME referral credit for that post.

In this training I am going to walk you through:

  • Sharing Wealthy Affiliate posts using the social share buttons
  • How to find your affiliate links (on each page)
  • How the share program works
  • How to add your shortened affiliate link to social networks manually
  • How easy it is to share quality content and earn money in the process

If you have any questions about sharing content here at Wealthy Affiliate, let me know via the comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Gophstar Premium Follow Me
share, share, share - my new motto :)
jayveelaine Premium Follow Me
That was really cool! I just try to post to my facebook and it was very easy thank you Kyle.
onlinejim Premium Follow Me
I am not really into social media and especially the technical side. I will have to review this as I move forward but I am not going to stall now.
jmvrico Premium Follow Me
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sag3 Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Good looking post John. I added a helpful comment for you.
jmvrico Premium Follow Me
Thanks! I'll add a comment into your site when i get home. Good day!
wdjfimproves Premium Follow Me
Very good, I'm already on my social network sharing this link and looking for great results
HerbM Premium Follow Me
Good information on how to share. Seems super simple and will capture any ones attention that is interested in affiliate marketing
superweiner Premium Follow Me
Looks good you can promote anywhere you like if you can't make a business out of this, I don't know what to say except I'm going forward.
DanThompson1 Premium Follow Me
I have completed Boot Camp Lesson No. 1. I did not learn much. Lost ball in the high weeds. If I don't get any further pretty soon, I won;t be able to stick around much longer. I have spent about 20 hours watching videos and reading WA content, and I don't feel that I am any further towards my goals than after Day One.
MelindaH Premium Top 100 Follow Me
Hi Dan!
When I first started here, I tried Bootcamp and didn't get very far. I stopped in the middle of the course and went back to "Get Started Here" (the green button). I was able to create a beautiful website with a niche of my choice. drinkpinkforwellness.com
Anytime I got stuck or couldn't figure something out, I would go in Live Chat and ask questions. Not only did I learn a lot from going in there, I've made a lot of new friends. There is also the search bar at the top of each page. I've looked up things there as well.
When you search in the search bar, you can find all sorts of tutorials and blogs that will help you get farther with your site.
Good luck, and I hope you find the information that you want/need,
~ Melinda
DanThompson1 Premium Follow Me
Thanks, Melinda. That seems like good advise, but right now, it might be better just to write this off as a bad move on my part and forget it. I am literally lost.
God Bless,
MelindaH Premium Top 100 Follow Me
I was completely lost for a while too. It started coming together as I started building my site out. Hope you don't leave. This really is a great place. If you do leave, it was nice meeting you, even for a little while.
~ Melinda
DanThompson1 Premium Follow Me
As far as I am concerned, I have completed Lesson No. 1 without finding a place to enter my goals for 2015 or where and how to share WA with anyone else. A little frustrated but on to Lesson 2.
mhjdesign Follow Me
This is Great!!
CherylK Premium Top 200 Follow Me
Good to know. I didn't realize until just now how beneficial sharing (from other than my own site, etc.) can be. I'm on it!
charity1 Premium Follow Me
Hey KevinFroude, just finished the video. What's an ice-breaker
KevinFroude Premium Follow Me
Hi Elika - well "ice breaker" is not specifically an internet marketing term.....it means a way of breaking down walls between people. So what I meant is that sharing content from the WA site is an easy way to get folks to come and look at the site, or introduce the site to them, without having to go into complex explanations or trying to "sell" the site to them.

And you can just call me Kevin as that's my first name....:0)
charity1 Premium Follow Me
Ok Kevin! So essentially you're just giving a warm welcome right?
KevinFroude Premium Follow Me
Good one.....yeah that's right....:0)
KevinFroude Premium Follow Me
An easy way to promote WA.....sharing content is always a great "ice-breaker"
charity1 Premium Follow Me
Hey KevinFroude, just finished the video. What's an ice-breaker
DulkyGarcia Premium Follow Me
Great! Is really nice to know is not complicated and you don't need a special talent just a facebook or other social media page and copy paste.
jmvrico Premium Follow Me
Hi guys! I am now on Course 2, Lesson 8 of Bootcamp. and my task is to share my page here in WA. If its not too much to ask, can you leave a comment on this page? Thank you very much! More Power! http://howtopassiveincome.net/how-to-live-on-minimum-wage
JAHBOBCLATO Premium Top 200 Follow Me

save money.
tunkim Premium Follow Me
great website! I like the layout and the information
JAHBOBCLATO Premium Top 200 Follow Me
I will study this.