Did you know that you can share content from any blog post, profile or training resource here at Wealthy Affiliate and earn money in the process? Well you can. Each page here at Wealthy Affiliate has a unique affiliate link attached to it (when you are logged in). Simply click the share buttons, grab your own unique affiliate link, or email the page to your friends and get full LIFETIME referral credit for that post.

In this training I am going to walk you through:

  • Sharing Wealthy Affiliate posts using the social share buttons
  • How to find your affiliate links (on each page)
  • How the share program works
  • How to add your shortened affiliate link to social networks manually
  • How easy it is to share quality content and earn money in the process

If you have any questions about sharing content here at Wealthy Affiliate, let me know via the comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Joystracks Follow Me
When we post this on FB, I hope they don't feel this is a form of advertising and make us pay! Does anyone know?
electrobot Premium Top 50
Hi Joystracks. You will always be able to post for free on Facebook and other social media sites. Most social media sites, including Facebook, allow you to create a free page to promote your cause.
Joystracks Follow Me
Thank you for such a quick answer! I have just tried it out and have been successful in posting it to my FB!!
electrobot Premium Top 50
Great job!
timhephner Follow Me
Cann anyone help me? I cannot get my link email to send??
electrobot Premium Top 50
Hi timhephner. What email link are you trying to send? Also, how are you trying to send the email link?
CraigR Premium Follow Me
Can anyone tell me if we can share banners onto FB. If we can how do I do this?
electrobot Premium Top 50
Hi CraigR. Good question. I'm going to try this right now and see if it works. I'll let you know.
You can get the banner code here (just in case you didn't know):
electrobot Premium Top 50
Hi CraigR. Actually, I should ask a clarification question first. Do you want to just post the banner image, or the banner image as a link with your WA Affiliate ID?
charliew57 Premium Follow Me
Facebook will allow you to post the banners, but when someone clicks on it a warning pops up that reads

Sorry, there was a problem with this link: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/createaccount
You can now continue to this website, or go back to the page you were on before.
Remember, only follow links from sources you trust.

This will probably prevent most people from following the link.
CraigR Premium Follow Me
I was thinking about posting the banner image with my WA affiliate ID
CraigR Premium Follow Me
Thanks Charlie, that bites. I agree with you, I probably wouldn't click through. Maybe just sending WA affiliate links as a private IM will work better. What do you think?
electrobot Premium Top 50
Hi CraigR. Does your website have a page promoting WA?
CraigR Premium Follow Me
Hey Ebot, I'm just going through bootcamp now, hopefully will have website up tomorrow.
electrobot Premium Top 50
Hi CraigR. Sounds great. The reason I asked is because once your site is setup, you can create a WA promotion page with banners as links containing your WA affiliate ID. Then just post your WA promotion page on Facebook and you won't get the warning or pop up messages. I post this link from my site to FB:
With that URL, I have never received an FB warning or pop up.
Yes. Just copy and paste your link.
CraigR Premium Follow Me
Thank you, will do.
chcol22 Premium Follow Me
I recently had the same issue. Has anyone been able to address this for you yet?
CraigR Premium Follow Me
Hi Choc22, yes electrobot helped me with this. Check out his reply on this page. Let me know if you have any questions.
CraigR Premium Follow Me
I shared the video, "A personal invite to your Success" to my FB account by pressing the like button. When I went into my FB account and tried the link an 'oops something went wrong' box pops up and tells me to only click through to sites that I trust. Has anyone else had this problem? I would not click through if this was something I was seeing for the 1st time.
charliew57 Premium Follow Me
I'm getting the same error Craig. It is a precautionary message from Facebook. It is their effort to reduce the number of spam business videos. Does anyone know of a way to circumvent this?
electrobot Premium Top 50
Hi CraigR. I've seen similar things on Facebook. If it's a site I trust, I just ignore the warning and click the button that allows me to proceed to the site.
pmabe Premium Follow Me
Thanks Kyle, very informative,I really like the affiliate link sharing , I may have to watch again to really get it all.
MarkDavies Premium Follow Me
Cant share via email. can anyone help ? thanks
KittyC Premium Follow Me
just sent a test email thru private message. Let's see how that part works
MarkDavies Premium Follow Me
Ok thanks Kitty for your help
pmabe Premium Follow Me
Hi Mark, I have same problem on my Samsung S4, can recieve but can't send.If I figure it out I will let you know.Maybe someone here can help us both.
MarkDavies Premium Follow Me
ok thanks
Danieldu Premium Follow Me
It was very very good video about sharing contents on Facebook.
I have now more ideas about my other businesses how to share everywhere. Thanks a lot Kyle.
cnash1978 Premium Follow Me
WA is really a great community of caring people who want to help as many people as they can find their true calling financially, but you know also personally. It teaches you about being helpful, gracious, thankful. WA shows no let down when creative minds are pulling the trigger and writing blogs and tutorials that will fill your mind with destiny, hope, admiration, character and so much more. I love it here and decide to stay on inside the WA family where your success is building us up one block at a time.
castle61live Premium Follow Me
Thank you for this Kyle much appreciated
hkorbmac Premium Follow Me
So much learning happening as I am definitely a newbie, but excited about the potential here!
alexander11 Premium Follow Me
I need to make sure I do these little tasks on a daily basis and put them into my daily business plan. These little things can make all the difference. Great video, easy to understand. Wealthy Affiliate is truly a great system both the way it is setup for revenue and the education and training.
JohnieJones Premium Follow Me
Good question yvette6440, similar to what I was wondering. Thanks for confirming her question upsgirl.
Oh, yes! You're welcome!
mickie1013 Premium Follow Me
I have a facebook and twitter account now. Will post "like" and link it. Thanks.
yvette6440 Premium Follow Me
So the more community involvement I get, like Facebook, Twitter, etc, and the more people I befriend, the better chance I have of getting referrals to WA...is this correct?
ronniem Premium Follow Me
Once could easily promote WA without even having a website. This is great.