Did you know that you can share content from any blog post, profile or training resource here at Wealthy Affiliate and earn money in the process? Well you can. Each page here at Wealthy Affiliate has a unique affiliate link attached to it (when you are logged in). Simply click the share buttons, grab your own unique affiliate link, or email the page to your friends and get full LIFETIME referral credit for that post.

In this training I am going to walk you through:

  • Sharing Wealthy Affiliate posts using the social share buttons
  • How to find your affiliate links (on each page)
  • How the share program works
  • How to add your shortened affiliate link to social networks manually
  • How easy it is to share quality content and earn money in the process

If you have any questions about sharing content here at Wealthy Affiliate, let me know via the comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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kenneth1212 Follow Me
very nice stuff here!
SStarrs Premium Follow Me
Hi I want to build my website to get WA members
I am a premium member but I need a Domain
I keep getting the yearly member page
Can anybody help me
Do we get to pick a domain free at WA,
Also the share button where is it,
When I joined I started as premium member.
davyrobot Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Hi Shirley! -

As a free member you can host Two free domains here at Wealthy Affiliate!

Just follow Kyle's great instructions in the 'Get Started Here' section!

Just click the GREEN Button above!! :)
SStarrs Premium Follow Me
Hi davyrobot
I started as a premier member 7 days ago
I have not built a website & have no domain
davyrobot Premium Top 50 Follow Me
Hi Shirley! -

Okay as a Premium member you can create 25 Websites using a siterubix domain or you can host 25 Websites using domain names that you own.

This is all explained in the 'Get Started Here' section! :)
SStarrs Premium Follow Me
Hi thanks for getting back to me
davyrobot Premium Top 50 Follow Me
You're Welcome! :)
GaryDario123 Premium Follow Me
I don't see the like button on my dashboard
upsgirl Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Hello! Dashboard...here? Look at the top, center.
For your website? You have to install a social plugin. It's easy. Do you know how to do that?
repezolt Premium Follow Me
This looks awesome. I have to try the FB like button.
titustan Premium Follow Me
excellent ! I will use the FB sharing button
milosh2310 Premium Follow Me
wauw, another wauv point..!!!! i am impressed.
Rpiiru Premium Follow Me
Real money maker
randymorales Premium Follow Me
as of now no commit but its a lot of good information
donnie813 Premium Follow Me
I tried to post, "A Personal Invite to Your Success," (one of the ones Kyle suggested here in lesson one) on my Profile Page at Google+ and in a Google+ Community I had joined and it kept being removed. Does anyone know what's up with that?
sag3 Premium Top 100 Follow Me
It may not be the title but the Link you are adding Donnie. Some links Google will define as spam and remove it. Another possibility is that someone took it as offense by clicking on the link. They in turn reported it to Google and it was removed.
donnie813 Premium Follow Me
Thanks so much for your response, Ken!

It was removed immediately every time. There was not enough time for anyone to read it, so it had to be Google.

I appreciate the advice!
JamieSimmons Premium Follow Me
Okay, just trying to brainstorm here - I'm not currently active on social networks, so when we say share content, what are some good media/forums in which to do that?
helyearelyea Premium Follow Me
There are so many out there... Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, redit, dig, stumble upon and many more. Part of where you want to focus on will depend on who your customer base is. If you are trying to reach women the Pinterest, Instagram and possibly Facebook would be the ways to go depending on age.

I hope this small list helps out a bit
DanLabbe Premium Follow Me
Any forum that pertains to your chosen niche is a good start. Social media is good for advertising use it to get people on to your web page.
pisces Premium Follow Me
"...full lifetime credit" blows my mind. Nobody does this, to call it awesome is an understatement. The more I read the luckier I feel for finding WA ;-)
sag3 Premium Top 100 Follow Me
We are all lucky to have WA at our finger tips.
AventErik Premium Follow Me
Im trying to figure out how to share from the face book like Button ? do I somehow link my Facebook account first?
steveo5770 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
Do you mean share WA pages on your Facebook account? To do that, you need to grab your affiliate link from whatever post you want to share and post it in Facebook yourself.
AventErik Premium Follow Me
Thanks Steve I did just that :) But I meant from this Page the Facebook like button :)
milosh2310 Premium Follow Me
i assume u have to be online on facebook first and than click here on the button...
derekcurry2 Premium Follow Me
I just watched the video but think I may have missed the "how to add my shortened affiliate link to social networks manually" I'm going to re-watch but if anyone knows how to do this I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
steveo5770 Premium Ambassador Follow Me
short-links have been discontinued.
akolipenouko Premium Follow Me
Just what I need to succeed oneline.
akolipenouko Premium Follow Me
Just what I need to succeed oneline.