So, you have created your domain specific email address in your WA account and would like to access your email on your iPhone (iOS 9).

Follow the steps below and in just a few minutes you will be reading and sending emails from your iPhone (or any apple devices with iOS 9)!

This tutorial will cover the following:

1. Email Preparation

2. Create or Add an Email Account

3. Enter the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Settings

4. Sent a Test Mail

Before We Start...

This tutorial assumes that you have already created or generated an email address in your WA email account.

If not, you need to create an email account by following the steps in this link:

Now we can start!

Email Preparation

1. First, have the following information ready:

- Incoming Mail Settings

- Outgoing Mail Settings

These info can be obtained in the WA main menu by clicking the link below:

2. Select the email address you would like to setup and click the corresponding smtp button on the right.

Image 1: Here's an example of a domain specific email address, discoden@filcombasket, with it's Incoming and Outgoing mail settings.

Let's go to Step 2!

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smokeywins Premium
Thanks for a great post! I was just driving myself batty with this.
Aranessa Premium
HI, I tried installing email on my iphone. I can send but not receive. I deleted and repeated process. But nothing helps. Any idea what the problem could be? Thx in advance, Athena
discoden Premium
Hi Athena, if you are not receiving email, make sure you have the correct incoming mail settings.
Please see page 3 of my instructions. My instructions might need clarification but the Incoming Mail Settings should be:

Hostname: <domain name of your email> in my case it's
Username: <my email address>
Password:<my password for that email address>

I hope this helps!
MMarcus Premium
Dennis, good job bro. I can receive but not send. What do you think?
Maxiam59 Premium
you made this simple to understand and apply all the best Max
discoden Premium
Thanks Maxiam59! It's my first tutorial here in WA. I hope u find it useful. :-)