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In case you missed the first Amazon aStore training where I showed you how to actually build the aStore, click the link below and then come back to this training.

In this video I show you how to set up your Amazon aStore onto your website. After setting up the aStore on the website I then show you how you can add your own banner advertisement that let's people know that your shop is there.

This includes a trip to one of my favorite websites in the world, PicMonkey!
It also shows how to set up the image using a text widget in your Wordpress Dashboard.

Thanks so much for watching! I wish you the very best!

You are awesome!

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friendlybf Premium
When you use an in-line frame, why is the whole store not visible within the frame ? It is ridiculous to have to scroll to the right, to see it all. A user won't do that.
So I tried the next option, embedding my store using a frameset. But when I do this and I put the code in the text area of my shop page, nothing happens. After saving and viewing the page, it was just a blank page. Do I need to update the html with anything ? Please help. I have had loads of trouble with WooCommerce/Woozone and am now trying it this way. Please tell me how it works with the frameset.
I need my shop corrected. The way it looks now, without images and with the checkout button not working, it looks hidious, I am loosing my readers like this. I need something that works.
SusanAL Premium
Wish I could help. Have you tried posting your question in the search box so that the whole community can see?
Missa3 Premium
Paste your code in the appropriate area under the 'text tab' portion of your wordpress editor. So, under the visual 10 in your editor, binder you want your coded information. And then add something like XXXXXXXXXXXXX. And switching over to the text tab of your editor. Scroll down into a you see the X's that you just added. Highlight the X's, right click and paste your code
BrendaWarren Premium
when you use the inline frame, go back in to edit page and on the right side where it has the template drop down menu, select "Full Width Template" then the whole thing will show. Hope this helps. :)
DeangeloR Premium
Dan Strikes Again!
danbarth87 Premium
Tinnakon Premium
Wow the second tutorial is even more interesting, thanks for the video I will try to use this facility from Amazon.
PastorTae Premium
Thanks. I will bookmark this for the future. Much appreciated
rosieM Premium
You have done an excellent walk-thru! I especially like the way you intertweined both training sessions within your training video and written presentation. Very professional indeed! Kudos!
danbarth87 Premium
Thanks so much!!
BrianHiker Premium
Thanks Dan