The Four Display Modes & How To Access Them

  • PC Screen Only
  • Duplicate
  • Extend
  • Second Screen Only

You can access this function by clicking on Windows + P.

It is a bit small but as you can see, when I clicked on the Windows Button and the P at the same time a green pop-up box appears and list's the 4 options.

PC Screen Only

Only the primary screen is used


The second monitor shows a duplicate of the primary screen


Both monitors combine to offer an extended desktop (this is the option we are looking for)

Second Screen Only

Only the second monitor is used

Lesson 4 - How to Access and Customize Your Displays

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emerald860 Premium
When I got a new laptop, I added the old monitor and it's been amazing! I can't believe how I functioned without it! I love having a second monitor! Great training! Alanna
SuzetteH Premium
Thank you Alana, that is exactly what I did. I went from a pc to a laptop so I already had the monitor and the cable. It sat downstairs on a shelf for a long time until my husband mentioned me using dual displays. It has been great!

Thank you for the compliant about the training. I truly appreciate it.
spurway Premium
thanks for the training.
SuzetteH Premium
Your welcome. I learned somethings as well by doing the research and training. I really love having the multiple monitors!
MKearns Premium
I'll have to do that at some point. Right now it's multiple files, tabs and split screens!
SuzetteH Premium
I absoulutely hated using the split screens on my laptop. Having the larger screen as my main display and then the laptop as my secondary has been much easier for me to be more productive.
sinwm Premium
Good info. Thanks for sharing.
SuzetteH Premium
Thank you, it was my pleasure
Loes Premium
Very nice explanation on how to use 2 screens! Thank you!
SuzetteH Premium
Thank you Loes