While building your blog with useful and informative content alongside, you may want to set up a Google AdWords campaign to help your blog take off possibly in a couple of days. Many bloggers do this as part of the steps to move their blogs off the ground.

You may use this feature tentatively and may decide to stop using it once you’ve ranked well in search engine.

To launch your Google AdWords campaign, visit adwords.google.com. Locate the “Get started now” box and create an AdWords account. Upon logging in your new AdWords account, choose the “Create your first campaign” box.

Let’s now go into details below.

  • Choose your campaign name and type
  • Select the geographic location you want Ads to appear
  • Strategize your bidding and set a daily budget for your campaign
  • Skip the “Ad Extension” segment for a start
  • Create your maiden Ad group and compose your maiden Ad
  • Enter your keywords in the appropriate field
  • Set your default bid (Your maximum cost-per-click)
  • Do a complete review of everything
  • Submit your billing information

Choose Your Campaign Name and Type

The first step here is to select your campaign name – Tentatively, the “Search Network only” alternative would highly be recommended for your maiden campaing, then name it.

Then, unfasten the “Tick next to include search partners” tentatively. You may decide at will to change this later too.

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Dhind1 Premium Plus
Excellent topic and good information. Thank you Google AdWords is a minefield for the uninitiated.
Israel17 Premium
You're much welcome, Dhind1! Thanks for stopping by! Google AdWords might not be the option for most people due to costs, most bloggers who have become successful online today never set up any campaign at all. But for those who use it to build their business, it does help to get tons of traffic from the onset. Thanks for your lovely visit!

Israel Olatunji
dragonfly10 Premium Plus
I understand the basics of an Adword campaign. I am just not sure it is really worth it. keep us posted on how well you do. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.
Israel17 Premium
Though Google AdWords might not be the option of so many people out there because of the cost involved, pro blogging tips work out for better and more productive results if sheepishly followed. Thanks for your lovely visit, dragonfly10! Much appreciated!

Israel Olatunji
accad Premium
I remember I linked some of my sites and open ads campaign only to realize that it's a paid ad, so I stopped it.
Israel17 Premium
Yes, Google AdWords campaign isn't meant for everyone as it requires some money to run it from time to time, Accad. Not everyone can afford to spend on campaigns as others do out there. If you can follow the pro blogging strategies sheepishly, you'll rank your blog without spending on campaigns at all. Thanks for stopping by!

Israel Olatunji