Hello and welcome to this short tutorial with tips how to SEO your YouTube videos.

This way it will be easier to get good ranking on YT, and get more views.

You should aim for your video to be:

  • Of high quality
  • Offers great value to your audience
  • Engaging

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ChrisCee1028 Premium
Hey Alenka, this is the exact strategies and ways I've learned from Brian Dean as well. That dude is really talented and authoritative in terms of SEO.

Pretty similar to Kyle from WA. Thanks to these great minds we're able to learn and apply those techniques while creating and uploading our videos on YT.

It really helps a lot in terms of ranking the video. Now I know why all the youtubers like to request for likes, comments and shares from its audiences. And the fact that "saying" the keywords on our YT videos actually works like "keywords" in a verbal form.

How amazing technology has advanced these days. Perhaps I'll share this training to the YT new comers.

A really helpful training you have here.


bushrash Premium
Great advice Alenka, thanks for sharing.

Best Wishes,
AlenkaV Premium
Thank you for stopping by! Hope you can use this info to further your online business success. :)
yoko1 Premium
Hi Alenka thanks for this tutorial. I understand that longer videos are ranked better, but some videos are so blatantly made longer, that I just get so bored !!! LOL
mybiz4u Premium
Thnx, A.
AlenkaV Premium
Thank you!