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Hi Everyone

Today is a day of firsts for me.

This is my first video training on Wealthy Affiliate. Finally!

Thanks @AlenkaV for encouraging me to get cracking with videos.

And Thanks @LynneHuy for encouraging me through her vast library of excellent video tutorials.

I'm been invited as a Guest Twitter Chatterer / Twitcher / Twit on a Twitter Chat for the first time this evening.

I've scheduled my Tweets for the first time.

I found that learning how to schedule Tweets FREE of charge was a bit tricky so I've uploaded this training to show you the way.

How to Schedule Tweets FREE

I used TweetDeck and found it marvellously simple to use and easy to navigate. Even for me (a non-Techy).

It's all explained in the video. Thanks for watching.

My First Scheduled Tweet is Tweeted

Here's the Tweet I scheduled during the video.

I went back and checked at 09:34 to make sure my scheduled Tweet had actually Tweeted.

It had and was right on Schedule - at 09:10 (see the 24m next to the Tweet

Phew! Now I'm ready for the Twitter Chat tonight.

Over to You

I'd love to know what you think in the comments below.

Should I try do more video or stick to writing content?

To Your Success

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LynneHuy Premium
Awesome training Lauren! And I have done paid ads with Twitter and scheduled in that way but I am not keen on paying for Tweets :) And yes I can use Social Jukebox for scheduling tweets but for some reason I just don't like scheduling using that program, I like to only add evergreen content to my jukeboxes.

This looks really simple and easy to use. I'm interested to know how many Twitter accounts you can link to Tweetdeck, since I have at least 6!

I'm most certainly going to make use of this tool, it really is handy and I often need to schedule influencer tweets ahead of time. It will make my life much more simple. Thank you!

And great video by the way, welcome to the fun and exciting world of video tutorials :) PS loved taking part in your Twitter Chat this evening. I think that is really something that I can make use of soon myself. I will just need some more training from you about doing one.... hint hint
laurenjean Premium
Thanks a mill, Lynne!

Yes, great point about the Evergreen posts, I noticed Social Jukebox scheduling is different to TweetDeck because posts are looped.

Yup - I found Tweetdeck very user-friendly. Let me know what you think once you've given it a go.

Thanks so much for coming on the Twitter Chat last night. It was lovely to have you there. Appreciate your support -as always. I'm also a complete newbie, I'm only one Twitter Chat ahead of you now but I'm happy to teach you what I know. :) Of course, the best way to learn is to do. Perhaps we should set up a Wealthy Affiliate Twitter Chat? Not sure if that's allowed?
LynneHuy Premium
Ooooohhhhh that would be amazing, but I would not promote it here since I am sure they want to keep the engagement here. However if you set up a Wealthy Affiliate members Twitter chat without using the WA platform to promote it then I would think it is a great idea.... I've made loads of friends on Facebook from WA so it won't be hard to set up!
davehayes Premium
Excellent video and very natural which is a good asset to have
laurenjean Premium
Thanks so much Dave. Appreciate.
AlenkaV Premium
Just to let you know, I'm sharing your video training on my FB Page :)

You have inspired me now to start being active on Twitter as well. Thank youuuu :)
laurenjean Premium
Oh wow, Alenka. Thank You so much for sharing my training. That's awesome.
Great opportunity to rev up your Tweeting coming up tonight... hehe.
AlenkaV Premium
Wow! You've got this video thing sorted!!

Do you have a YT Channel? If you do, maybe, upload it there as well? :)

Thank you for the mention, you are really kind. :) :)

laurenjean Premium
Hi Alenka, Thanks so much for the compliment!!
Yes, I have a couple of YouTube Channels but it's against Wealthy Affiliate's policies to upload our WA Tutorials elsewhere.
We are allowed to share the link to our Tutorial on our social media channels, so I just finished sharing on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
jlclayton1 Premium
You're a natural, and you definitely need to keep doing video! Great training, and I'm going to check out TweetDeck now--thanks!

laurenjean Premium
Thanks so much for your encouragement, Janelle. After all the procrastination, I was surprised to find I actually enjoyed myself. Have fun playing with TweetDeck.
StefanieT Premium
Thanks Lauren, great training. I didn't know you could do this on Twitter so it will come very useful.
Considering this was your first video you did awesome. You're a natural, and I hope you make many more :-)

Have a great day!
laurenjean Premium
Thanks so much for the compliment, Stefanie! Yaaaay! I'm really stoked that you enjoyed the training and found it helpful.