How To Reverse An Image

- Overview -

I just want to say, there have many times when I was writing an article, also known as a post, and I had wished so much that the image I had planned on using would have actually faced the opposite direction!

Little did I know at the time, IT COULD! :o)

Now you may be wondering WHY I chose a toilet, a pot, a commode as some may say.

The answer?

It draws attention :o) ! But the most important thing about why I truly chose it, is because it's a great specimen for the project! It's an image that will allow you to see clearly, what I am saying about the position of the image, and how it fits into your post!

It's funny how, at times, we want something so much that we dig and dig until we figure out a solution to our own problems.

Luckily, there are many tutorials or lessons out there that can teach us just about anything we want to sit down, put our minds to, and learn. This is what we are going to do right here, right now, in this tutorial!

We will be covering the following lessons:

1. How To Reverse An Image - Overview (You are here)

2. Reverse An Image In ... Microsoft Paint

3. How To Flip An Image In ... Microsoft Office Picture Manager

4. How To Reverse An Image In ... Pixlr

5. The Bottom Line Is ... A Quick Guide To Reversing An Image

6. Sharing Knowledge From Others (added)

So strap on your seat belts, because these lessons are so QUICK and EASY, you just might get whiplash! (pun intended)

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IrmaStretch Premium
Very nice! I never think to use Paint, but I have pinned it to my start menu now, so I can try out your training.

Thank you Paula!!
PaulaKeen Premium
Hi Irma! Agreed - it's true!

Paint ends up being a your best friend, lol... a super awesome, little, (kind of in a way) hidden feature that you just don't think to check out!! The same with Office Picture Manager.

Anyway, happy this tutorial was helpful in some way! Thanks so much for checking it out! I appreciate it :o).
Song1 Premium
Hi Paula, thanks! And a cute way of writing too! I have discovered that you can also reverse your picture after you've uploaded it to Media>Library>select a picture>Edit image>on the top you'll see several icons for, rotating, overturning or reversing the picture.
PaulaKeen Premium
Hahaha, THANK YOU Song! You are more than welcome!

Honestly, I didn't even think to add that little note to this training. So thank you for mentioning it here in comments!

Thanks so much, once again, for the lovely comment :o) !!!!
PaulaKeen Premium
CowboyJames Premium
PaulaKeen Premium
Thank you James! Enjoy :o).
susanmacneil Premium
Thank you for this very helpful tutorial.

I will make good use of it, for sure!

PaulaKeen Premium
You're most welcome Susan! So glad you found it to be helpful for your projects!

LindaMo Premium
Thanks for this information! If I ever need to reverse an image, now I know what to do.
PaulaKeen Premium
Yes Ma'am! Very easy and useful technique Linda. Thanks lots for checking it out! :o)