I recently bought a new PC with Windows 10 and installed MS Office Professional 2016 which comes with Outlook. After I set up my two email accounts, I went in to view them and found they both had their own inboxes. I had to look at two different inboxes to view my mail.

I found this annoying. I wanted everything to show in one inbox like my old Outlook,

After doing quite a bit of research, I found a way to get all my mail delivered to one inbox. If you have Outlook on your PC with multiple accounts and this is bugging you too, I am going to show you a simple and easy fix. (Please note this fix is for POP3 email accounts)

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Triblu Premium
Thank YOU for this Pat!
Have tagged your training for future referencing AND will be sure to share with others until I need it for myself (coming soon, I'm sure).