So I get this question a lot from my clients and its really not that difficult to be honest. People tend to over think things and to over complicate things...

This does not only hold true for YouTube ranking, but for pretty much anything in life.

Here are a few questions I get often along with their answers. Also, will post some SEO tips on how you can rank high.

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wealthmaker45 Premium
I am sure this is great information if someone understands the language but a lot of what you say is foreign to me. I don't know too much yet about how to make a video let alone how to get it ranked. They say it is simple enough to make one but I just never tried.
ruoall Premium
Hi Wealthmaker,

I personally think that Video Marketing is some of the most under utilized and most powerful forms of marketing available today.

I highly recommend you learn more about this.

So please, if you have any questions... let me know :)
iamrobert Premium
Hi Thanks for this info,Once you know these things it starts to make sense.
ruoall Premium
Thanks for the compliment Robert. If anything is unclear, please let me know.
teambuild Premium
Great training Ruoall though I have a few questions.
You say you threw your "silly video" up on youtube...How did you create that?
"Send a combo of regular and retention views." How does one do that?
"Send Social Bookmarks to your video" Same question as above...
"Make sure you name the video file using your keyword"
You also say to write a 400 - 500 of content...that's an article isn't it.
Can I make a video of my latest blog post for eg. Kind of like your video?
Can you add screenshots next time you do a tutorial it makes it a lot clearer for people to follow. Otherwise great work and I look forward to your reply.
ruoall Premium
Hi Mike,

Thanks for bringing up some of the things that aren't that clear. I guess I went on the assumption that most of what I spoke about would be understand.

What I will do is, I will recreate this Tutorial for you guys with screenshots, etc. so that it makes a little more sense.

With regards to your questions though:

1. This video can be created by outsourcing to Fiverr. I would suggest going with a Whiteboard video for about $5. Not sure if you are familiar with Fiverr, but there are some fantastic "Gigs" on there that will make your life so much easier. Literally anything you can think of can be had from there for a "Fiver".
2. Well, you can either promote the videos yourself or make use of a service where you can buy the views. For example, you can get 10,000 High Retention views for about $6.
3. Same as with the Video. I can send you in the right direction if you want with regards to buying some social bookmarks. Now, you dont have to buy these. If you are familiar with Social Bookmarking, then save the cash and do it yourself.
4. Lets say your keywords are "How to control your mind", you would name the file of your video "howtocontrolyourmind.mp4".
5. I think you can most definitely make a video from what you posted. Use that as the script for the Whiteboard video as an example and then rewrite the content for your description.

Hope this helps out.

Anything else, just let me know.
healthywendy Premium
If you struggle with content, you can use a transcript of your video. I too am puzzled as to what regular and retention view means. Is it people who click away versus those who watch the video right through?
ruoall Premium
Hi Wendy,

You can use the Transcript, BUT don't let YouTube automate this for you. Trust me, it doesn't come out nearly how you would want it.

Instead, when doing the transcript, type the words yourself and let YouTube match it to the video.

With regards to Regular vs Retention... you are spot on.

Regular views are purely to increase the view count of a video. There is absolute no benefit to this other than having a bloated view count.

Retention views on the other hand are when videos are watched for a certain amount of time. The best ones to get is where the videos are watched 95% of the time.

Hope this helps you out a bit more.
gbpack Premium
ruoall, I think you lost me at the Description. You are tell me that YouTube video Descriptions have 400 - 500 words? You have to write a description of your video that is that long?

Can you give me an example of one of yours or someones so I can see how it is put together? I just got a youtube channel the other day and have been wanting to put my first video up so i want to learn the best way of doing it.

You say "Send a combo of regular and retention views." I have no idea what this means can you explain it a little for us Youtube Newbies? :)

How do you send social signals? do you do this yourself or is this something you have others do?

You say keep it simple, but almost all of what you said was foreign to me.
ruoall Premium
Hi there,

Yes, so basically just like you would add content to your blogs or websites, the same goes for YouTube.

Here is a silly video I threw up on YouTube that should give you an idea: (add this to the end of the URL) watch?v=FqQhaUiAVj8

Hope this helps and if there are any further questions, let me know.
gbpack Premium
Went to the video but I do not see any description of 400-500 words. ??? Does it work in the background somewhere?
ruoall Premium
Once you open the video, you will see right below it a URL with the start of the description.

Expand the description and you should see the content.

Let me know if you struggle.