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Hello there!

Today I am going to show you how easy is to publish a post on a SiteContent platform and send it to WordPress platform for further editing!

This is a very simple-to-understand, 1.21 minutes long video training, that shows how to publish and send the post to WordPress for further editing. It takes only a minute to do it!

I am using SiteContent as a writing platform for my blogs on my website! Site Content It is a great tool and I like it for many reasons.

Anyway, to be able to create and publish a post or a page on SiteContent platform you need to fulfill a few requirements, as shown below!

The Requirements!

To be able to create and publish posts from this outstanding platform, you need to fulfill some requirements:

1) Need to be a Premium member
2) Create your WordPress website
2) Learn how to create a post

Now, I assume that you fulfilled the requirements and that you are ready to follow a very simple, only 10 "clicks" procedure:

1) Create a post on the SiteContent platform - I assume that you know how to create a post
2) Click on Publish - after finishing the creation of your post, click on the Publish button
3) Click on Choose a Website - at this step choose the website you want the post to be published on. This is a great feature especially if you have created more than one WordPress website!
4) Choose a post - in a case you have created a post
5) Choose a user - choose the proper user of the website
6) Click on Publish - click on the Publish button to publish the post
7) Your post has been published - it is live now on internet
8) Choose Edit in WordPress
- click on this option for further editing and re-editing of the actual published post within WordPress editor
9) Log into WordPress - welcome to your WordPress editor
10) Now you are ready for further editing and re-editing of the published post. Add, reduce or re-edit content of the post.

There you have it! How to publish post from the SiteContent platform and send the post to WordPress editor for further editing.

As shown above, the simple, "10 clicks procedure", just a minute long, anyone can master easy!

Please, if you liked the video training, leave a comment below and I would be more than happy to join the discussion!

Happy publishing,

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GerritVictor Premium
HI Igor,

I had published my posts before as you described but I am still not sorted. 4 Posts have been published.
However, when I view my website from missus' laptop, it opens the "Home" tags with the "Privacy Policy" and "About Me", no posts in sight. I had to go to (Search 'posts' Enter) to see the 4 posts.
What controls the sequence an order, 1 to 4 of how I want the posts displayed?
Please send a link where I can find how to insert affiliate banners and links.

sdawson Premium
Is you site set up with a static home page and a separate blog roll page? If so, be sure and add the blog page to your menu. Your blog roll page typically shows posts in order of the publishing date, unless your theme has a "sticky post" feature where you can keep a specific post at the top of the list.
kpercival55 Premium
Hi Igor!
I very much like your training. It is easy to follow and slightly different from other training on same ideas. Good to have a variety!
Thanks for sharing.
Igor13 Premium
Ok! Good to know! I will continue that way!
Hi Igor,

I have been publishing posts for 2 months
For those who need help, your "10 click " training is a clearly presented alternative. The melodious, bouncy music keeps you engaged as you intentively watch the entire video.

YOU HAVE ARRIVED, my friend.

Keep up the excellent training.

Have a Happy day.

Igor13 Premium
Thanks a lot, Maxine!
I am indeed glad you like the training.
It is my goal to deliver useful stuff!

Best regards!
You are very much appreciated, Igor.

The material will always be useful.

Think on it like this. There are affiliates on this platform who are struggling because of hearing and vision impairment due to medical issues. And yet, they still want to be a part of something huge.

They want to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate.

Should they run away because they can't see this or can't hear that? No.

The training that you provide is one of many answers.

Please do your due diligence and pave a path for others to follow.

Helping starts at home - right on this platform.

Thank you for listening!

Igor13 Premium
I like to train, it is so in the sport as well. Finally, I am a sports coach as well.
So, to train is not unfamiliar to me, with one big difference, the kind of the niche.

Wealthy Affiliate helps me too to become a better marketer and to learn much other stuff. Engagement with the community as well.

It is not easy to make money online, whether with Wealthy Affiliate or not. But, it is possible and it works. many examples prove that.

All the members here at WA with medical issues should also have the chance to learn. Thus, help provided from WA and from members is valuable for them.

I needed also a quiet time to get easier in my mind regarding tutoring and training online. WA showed me the way. As I am following it for a couple of months already, I can only recommend to others to do it the same way.

Somebody said, if you want to become better in a+writting, you need to ... write! And it is really so. Practicing writing will make you only better.

I don't want to say that I will have a big or even a huge success with WA. But I like the idea of it, program and I am improving as well, regardless my age.

Even this conversation is a result of it.

Thanks for your thoughts and conversation!

Best regards!