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Direct linking is the term associated with “linking directly to your affiliate link” within a PPC campaign. So instead of the destination link for your ad being your own website, you would be linking directly to Wealthy Affiliate through your affiliate link.

Your PPC Ad => Directly to Through Your Affiliate Link

In this video I am going to be walking you through the process of setting up a direct linking campaign and I will be showing you the best practices for implementing these campaigns.

If you have any questions about direct linking, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

**Note: We do not allow direct linking under keywords with the terms "wealthy affiliate", "wealthyaffiliate" or "". Any other keywords are completely fine for your direct linking campaigns outside of our branded product keywords.

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SaltyG Premium
Great training. thanks kyle. Can we also use a tracking code to our affiliate link when using this method?
Kimberly131 Premium
How does this differ from the links i use already to have people go directly to the free sign up page or to my profile or the premium sign up page? Also if someone uses my direct link to the free signup and then upgrades do i still recieve credit for a premium signup? Im just starting out and hope this is ok to ask here. Also what other benifits come from ppc opposed to using the links i already use? Or are the links ppc? So much to learn, just a bit confused here. Im sorry. And thank you for any help and advice :)
Tallell97 Premium
It just means you can't use your WA affiliate link for a PPC campaign, you can use your WA affiliate link for any other promoting. For a PPC campaign, you would need to use the website that you have created.

Yes, if someone signs up under your affiliate link for free then later upgrades, you will receive the commission.

If you are only just starting out, then I wouldn't worry about the PPC right now, this comes much later on towards the end of the course. PPC (Pay Per Click) is a paid advertising campaign.
DanMaxwellJr Premium Plus
Hey Kyle, can we direct link to blog posts within the WA platform (using our Affiliate link obviously)?
CarlaIves Premium
Yes, you can. Simply grab the link in the white box at the top of any blog or training where it says "Affiliate." There is a link chain next to it. It's already set up with your affiliate code. Use that to post the article or training and if anyone signs up from it, you will get the credit. Good Luck!
rufat Premium
Dear Kyle, are we allowed to advertise affiliate link as per Google?
Mark Tait Premium
Hi - no, you're not allowed to advertise (within WA) affiliate links:

Cheers, Mark
rufat Premium
I am asking regarding PPC :)
DominicQ Premium
Pretty neat