I'll bet you were afraid to come to this page because you thought it would be filled with instructions.

Surprise !!! I'll get you on the next page.

1) Now, take a drink of water

2) If you are satisfied with the DNS names then click "ok.

3) Now click "save" and log out of GoDaddy.

4) Done right? Nope. Nothing will happen unless you configure your SiteRubix website. Don't worry, this is the easy part

Let's move on to the final steps.

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ShirleyWoon Premium
Hey Mike, I really needed to learn this. Thank you for making it so easy for me. Blessings.....
grampamike Premium
You are most welcome.
Larry_T Premium
Another very good tutorial by Mike
bstreet57 Premium
Thanks Grampamike. things change and we need to keep the training up-to-date. Great job! btw checks in the mail. :)
Prestones Premium
Nicely done! You now have new .com and .org domains to play with!

Regarding your bill... (more ancient history)
... I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!

grampamike Premium
Seems like I've heard that before ...
Loes Premium
Thanks Grampamike, I have bookmarked this for future questions:)
grampamike Premium
I was looking at my profile blog on this subject and decided it was too important to leave as just a post. I decided to summon the courage to make my first tutorial out of this topic.

This is my first stab at becoming a famed WA author, lol.

You would have laughed had you seen me. I made the first page and clicked "save." Poof, my draft was gone. I had no idea where it went.

I looked all over the place. My draft was nowhere to be found. Geez, all that work down the drain. Then I saw a funny obscure link called "training." Ok, it's hot and I'm tired. Click on the training link and of all things there was my draft.

I didn't stop there. I drafted my first page. I was really proud. I suddenly realized I had no idea how to make page 2. I hunted. I pecked. I saved the draft. I must have sat for 20 minutes stewing over how to make page 2.

Ah hem, anybody heard of the BIG green button at the bottom that says something like "next page?" Dumb thing was there all the time.

Don't tell anyone but I think I just lost my guru status.
Loes Premium
Hahaha, I could have written this myself, I know all about it:)))