How to Pick a Clickbank Product to Promote

Clickbank offers a variety of products with high commissions. This is one of the reasons why Clickbank is popular starting out with internet marketing. I say popular starting out, a lot of internet marketers seem to move away from Clickbank products the longer they work in the biz. Not always true but some of us do.

From my own experience I have promoted a lot of different Clickbank products, some very successfully and some not so much lol. It all comes down to matching the right solution/product with the right customer. You have to give your visitor what they are looking for.

My own Clickbank best seller target a small group with a very specific problem and I give them a solution to that specific problem. This has made me good money over the last 5 years. So even though I don`t pick up that many new products at Clickbank today to promote I still hold on to the ”golden nuggets” that I have found over the years.

Clickbank is no different than any other affiliate products make sure you have relevant content on your site pointing to a relevant solution/product at Clickbank and that will get you sales.

How to Pick a Clickbank Product to Promote

1. Pick a Niche

2. Clickbank Marketplace

3. Check Out the Website/Sales Page

4. CB Engine

Lets go and pick a niche for this training.

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BlueDot Premium
Thanks for the info - did not know that CB engine existed , which seems like a handy tool.
Just thought I would add that the reason CB comms are so high is because the products are Digital.Once purchased the products are delivered by means of downloads and therefore don't require any logistics, ie - there are no delivery costs, storage costs, advertising costs etc.
Generally Physical products (like Amazon) have lower comms because of their associated costs such as all the logistics involved etc.
Personally I purchse the Click Bank product to determine if the product is any good and secondly I can find useful info about the product to promote.It also gives me as the reviewer a bit of credibility.
ClickBank offer a refund of 60 Days which is handy if the product is no good - BUT this element has a downfall as once a product is downloaded the ownership falls in the hands of the purchaser.If your customer requests a refund from Clickbank within the 60 days , they will obtain the refund but will always have the product.You as the affiliate will now lose the comms. The point I'm trying to make here, is don't emphasize the 60 Day return policy as you will get people that will try and game the system for a Freebie. On the other hand don't purchase the product for the sake of reviewing it and then request a refund as Click Bank will ban you if you do this a couple of times.Also be sure not to purchase a Clickbank product through your own Affiliate Id,with the intent to get the comms back to your account - this can also get you banned. Colin
veronica.l Premium
Hi Colin,

Thanks for the extra info on this subject, excellent.
I absolutly agree about purchasing the book or even get it for free other than "make money ninche" vendors are pretty good about giving out their ebook to affiliates.

As far as the refund, you can check the initial earnings by sale at cbengine it is impacted by refunds and chargebacks, this will give you a good idea if there is a lot of refunds.

I have not been promoting any "make money" products from Clickbank but I can see that the refund might be a problem here. I have not seen many refunds with the products that I have promoted.

Thanks Colin great points,

DABK Premium
What do you do if they have opt-ins? I once did promote a program that had an optin in the banner. Never made one sale, though I send some 400 visitors. I no longer promote if there's an optin. Obviously, that's only me based on one experience. I'd really like to know of other people's experiences promoting sites with optins.
veronica.l Premium
So if they opt-in, it was no longer a referal from you??
If that is the case I would not promote that product. Now if they have an opt-in and you get credit for a product purchase down the funnel I would promote it.
Morgan968 Premium
Thank you for an wicked bit of information, it'll help me narrow down products from clickbank when I come round to using it as I've herd different story's about using clickblank!
veronica.l Premium
Glad you liked it Morgan. There are a lot of products that are not worth promoting at Clickbank but you can also find some gems, I would not give up on it if there is a product that fits in with your site...
williamhall Premium
Good information, Veronica! I wondered how to find a good clickbank product. I thought I would have to buy the book to decide if it is worth promoting. Your suggestions to research the product is very helpful. A clickbank product came up in a google search and I am looking at that one now. But you helped me to find more products before promoting the one I found. Thanks for developing this training!
veronica.l Premium
You are welcome, glad you liked it.
When you have found a good product I would recommend to email the vendor and say that you are interested in promoting it as an affiliate, a lot of times they will share the product with you.
Excellent resource Veronica!

I know clickbank has a bad reputation for selling rubbish but you do find some nice gems in there too. Your tip about searching for lower gravity usually filters out a lot of the scammy products too. They always seem to have extremely high gravity!

- Luke
veronica.l Premium
Thanks Luke, glad you liked it.

Yes there is a lot of rubbish, but there are some good products there as well, just need to find them :) Then when you do find them purchase the product or ask the vendor to share it with you...