About AdsTerra

AdsTerra is an ads network founded in 2013 to serve Advertisers’ ads through high quality contents of Publishers. The company offers a wide variety of benefits to both Advertisers and Publishers.

Every advertiser wants their ads in front of quality visitors so they are guaranteed better responses and returns on their advertising investment. To achieve this, AdsTerra ensures that publishers on its network maintain the quality and consistency that advertisers want.

Features of AdsTerra

AdsTerra offers some exciting features worth checking out. These are my favorites.

  • AdsTerra has so many options to choose from their ad formats. Some of the more popular formats are pop-unders, direct links, video banners, leaderboard, rectangle and skyscraper (display banners) and sticky footer. The pop-unders are the most popular ad formats used by publishers, which are fully optimized to get the best value for any ads campaign. There are also formats available for different devices – desktop and mobile.
  • AdsTerra offers full targeting options that keep tabs on your Operating System and browser updates, gathering information like user lifetime, OS versions, carrier, browser versions to boost ads click through
  • The company offers great customer support with multilingual managers to cater for their customers
  • Customer support is done primarily through emails and Skype
  • A lifetime referral program that earns you 5% for any publisher that signs up on AdsTerra using your affiliate link
  • There are lots of payment options available to choose from that include bank transfers and digital transactions. AdsTerra supports credit card, wire transfer, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Yandex, Capitalist, WebMoney, ePayments and Paxum
  • AdsTerra offers 2 service options for potential advertisers on its platform and they are fully managed and self-serviced. The fully-managed option passes the responsibility of campaign management to the manager. The self service option puts you in the reigns of control concerning your ad campaigns without assistance from a personal manager. AdsTerra customer support is still available to advertisers irrespective of a service option chosen.
  • CPM, CPC and CPA are the primary ad type of AdsTerra
  • The API integration is easy to deploy
  • Sites with certain types of content are rejected on the advertising network. AdsTerra rejects sites that link to other sites promoting illegal content, sites that promote or connect to illegal activities, hacking, phishing, sites with pornographic content, and sites that promote hate or encourage abuse.

Also, rejected by AdsTerra are spam emails, sites that engage in chat abuse, cyber-bullying etc

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Israel17 Premium
Kudos, Sierra! Thanks to the AdsTerra network! Good to know there are awesome Google AdSense alternatives like this! While a lot of people have been frustrated by Google AdSense one way or the other, AdsTerra should be a compensation for many out there who have been on the lookout for revenue opportunities from Ad networks.

Israel Olatunji