The first question arises here, what's the necessity to create a professional Homepage while you are doing content marketing? More clearly, Why should you create a static homepage instead of blogroll?

We know content is king and content is the key, so there is no alternative to content.

I suppose, there is 50+ unique content to your website, you also get a lot of audiences, but not a single traffic converts to your customer. It's definitely frustrating, but what may be the possible reason?

  • Maybe, your contents are not so helpful. But as you are learning things here in Wealthy Affiliate, I expect, you are definitely an expert in creating helpful content or blog.
  • The second possibility might be, your content is overhyped or over-expressive. Once again, this is a problem for absolute beginners. If you already posted 20+ blogs from the WA site content platform, you know how to create content.
  • The third point is about your site design. This is something on which most bloggers don't focus well, but you know this is something very important. I'm explaining the reasons.

Poor quality webpages represent a scam like impression. Indeed, there are tons of scam sites where the site owners generally don't invest much money or time; their major goal is to earn some quick money and shut the site down.

Nowadays people are very aware of this fact. If your competitor websites look much better than you, people will believe those websites more than yours.

A well-decorated website with a professional look forces to change visitors' minds; visitors feel the owners/company invested time and money on this business, so it's not a scam. From the same feelings, visitors get converted to a customer.

This is a common human psychology, and it is 100% true.

So, there is no reason to keep the homepage as your blogroll, rather you should create a professional static homepage because it's not difficult at all.

Let's get forward to discuss how can you create an awesome homepage (in fact any page) for your favorite online foundation.

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71pacerunner Premium
Great training!

Currently, Jay is using the block editor as the latest plugin to create a homepage.

Anyway, my question is how do you move the blog posts to another page?

What I created using cover page of block editor uses only a portion of my page to show my recent posts at the right side.

Hope you or somebody in the community can help.
JohnAitken1 Premium
I believe if you are in the Boot camp training in phase 1 or 2 there is a training about plug ins and the back office that should take you through set ups.
71pacerunner Premium
Thanks John,

I will.
DrSDas Premium
Sorry for my late reply as I was away for a few days.

Block Editor is good to use instead of Elementor or Divi if you are not looking for any dynamic features (Meta Slider, Hovering, and more). Definitely, Elementor is one step ahead and a far advanced tool, but if you don't prefer to install another plugin, it's fine to stay with the Block Editor.

"moving blog posts to another page", do you want to highlight your recent blogs on the homepage?

You can use the Blogroll block for that feature.

In case you want to highlight specific blogs/ featured blogs, you have to add those manually using a different block.
Parameter Premium
Great information,

I love the way you itemized the makeup of a good website

DrSDas Premium
I'll be glad if people can create great webpages reading this.