When was the last time you checked your Google PageRank? Are you willing to move your business off the ground now? Have you ever bothered to check this out at all?

Oh, maybe you’re thinking this wouldn’t be feasible with your website, right? Don’t be pessimistic this year at all as you were in the previous year. It’s time to change the ball game. It’s time to leave no stone unturned. I’m pleased to tell you today that even if your PageRank is currently below 1/10, you can make it skyrocket to 5/10 before the middle of the year with strategies and, by that time, your PR quality will have become Very Strong.

By the time your PR status will have moved near 5/10, you’re in money already. You should be generating organic traffic at a very high rate at this time. It’s a proven fact. Now that you’ve known the level of PageRank required for your site to skyrocket in search results, how do you intend to increase your CPR score to make it happen before the middle of the year?

I believe many of us set specific goals for the current year aside from that set initially on getting started. If we truly want to accomplish that goal, then we need just one thing and nothing more; the driving force to implement the working strategies, not wasting a lot of time on old blogging stuff that will take us nowhere.

Well, as far as I’m concerned, I’ve decided to make it happen this year by building out my business on the solid, proven fundamentals.

Here are working strategies for increasing your website search rankings:

  1. Post high-quality content
  2. Submit your site to web and article directories
  3. Update your site frequently
  4. Read and comment on niche-related blog posts
  5. Write guest posts for niche-related authority sites
  6. Leverage social media and social bookmarking sites
  7. Use low competition keywords for building out content
  8. Participate in high PR online forums
  9. Avoid toxic strategies for building traffic
  10. Prepare for the next PageRank re-evaluation by Google

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mystyle Premium
Hello Israel, we really need to focus more on to building our businesses by punting into action everything that has been tought to the training.

One of my product reviews appeared in page on in a couple of days and it is still on page on because i am now writing and publishing everyday, injecting comments with intent on my posts and as well as adding both internal and external links.

My main problem is with adding pictures to my product reviews. The amazon products i do nor own and i do understand i do not have to use that pic of amazon with good screen shots for better rankings. How do you do it Israel?
Israel17 Premium
Thanks a lot for your valuable comments, mystyle! Much grateful! Building your business with passion this year will help you achieve the first-page ranking on time. Haven't you heard that some people who accomplish earlier and faster than others? Haven't you found such people before? Yes, the reason some people get accomplishments faster than others is because they know how to implement the right strategy. Thanks for your time!
lakbar12 Premium
Very interesting, Israel! As always you provide very detailed and informative information!

I never knew that you can increase your PR in such a short period of time. In honesty, I never knew about Pank Rank, until you taught us the other day.

Well, it makes since if you are able to update content daily and keep everything fresh with high quality info. I had a minor set back so, I missed yesterday daily blog post on my site.

I hope this one day does not interfere with my progress. My bounce rate is high, so I am going through my site testing to find out what the problem is.

Also I did not know that you could submit your websites to different directories. That is pretty cool.

In addition, to this I keep hearing about this Warrior, platform. I really need to check the platform out.

Israel, as always I thank you for helping us all. You are awesome. It is really great to learn from the successful. Thanks, Israel for all of your hard work. I really appreciate. And, I am sure everyone else does too.

Now, I need to go off. Take notes on what I just learned and implement the strategies....

Lakisha Akbar
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for stopping by, lakbar! Not that you have to necessarily wait for years to build a high page ranking, but a lot of people don't have the time needed to get the job done on time. How I wish you could devote the right time for blogging and be a living witness to this glorious tip. Thanks for your valuable comments!
Spaced Premium
Really you are awesome! You do not get enough credit for what you do.
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for getting back to me, Spaced! Much welcome! Hard work and consistency really pay off. With time, your efforts will start yielding revenue for you. If you can build your blog on the solid fundamentals as being taught here, you'll start seeing pro blogging results. Thanks for your visit!

Israel Olatunji
Traveller75 Premium
Thanks for the info.
Israel17 Premium
Much welcome, brother! See you at the top of the online world!
BMTruelove Premium
AWESOME INFO!! Thank you very much for this!!
Israel17 Premium
Hello BMTruelove, thanks for stopping by! You will increase your search ranking simply by posting unique and high-quality content on your blog on an everyday basis as well as following other strategies suggested in this training tutorial, Thanks for your lovely visit!

blogging tips to become successful online. Israel Olatunji