Tip 1: Add the Pinterest Follow Button

Linking Pinterest follow button to your other social websites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter will help you get more exposure on Pinterest to more people including family, friends, and followers from other different places. You should also have a follow button on your blog and website which will help to send traffic to your Pinterest account. Installing this button in some of the prominent places on your web or blog (the footer, sidebar and the header) will make it easy for your visitors to follow your brand page.

Tip 2: Optimize Your Profile Bio

One of the first and important things to do with your Pinterest profile is to make sure your bio has keywords in the niche and tell your visitors about your brand, services you're offering and where they can find you. When pinners visit your profile, they will know exactly about you. Make your bio driven so that it attracts people to follow you.

Tip 3: Optimize Your Profile Name

Optimizing your profile name with keywords is another great way of growing your Pinterest followers since optimized profile make it easy for followers to find you through their search bar. Research on the important phrase and include it on your profile name.

PAGE 2– How to Join Large Pinterest Group Boards

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nurselizstar Premium
Oh my goodness Sama, what a wonderful blog post about Pinterest. It sounds like you have been doing this for years. How long after joining Pinterest did you start having followers? Also, did any of the those followers come to WA as referrals? Do you do this only on your niche or could I promote WA? I have many questions, but I'll end for now. Thank you very much! Well done!

Yay Us Indeed!? 🌟
AmazeCPS Premium
I have not more experience about more than one year but I learned more about Pinterest. No, not all. But some of theme. No, I use both promote wealthy affiliate and for my niche. I like to you and share infor each of us because each of us has a different experience of different knowledge regarding online business. Because, I like to join and share infor. Thanks for joining and keeping comment on my training.
CandP Premium
Thanks for your training.
We are slowly learning about Pinterest and this will be very helpful to us.
Enjoy your weekend,
C & P
ShihTzuSteve Premium
Thanks for this very timely training, Samantha. I know from a few test posts that Pinterest can potentially be very good fro my niche site. Your training will help me expand my Pinterest activities.
Thanks again,
dragonfly10 Premium Plus
Thanks for the info. I am almost ready to add Pinterest to my site.
accad Premium
Thanks for this tutorial. I just want an update on Google Plus.
apache1 Premium Plus
Google Plus has ceased operating
accad Premium
Yes, I deleted all the codes on my websites when I heard the announcement that it will soon be gone.