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Hello WA,

Here is a quick tip to get your website at its peak speeds for loading and proper caching, this is something that I have fought with for a while.

As I use the Divi theme because of how user-freindly it is but with that said, it can hurt your website loading speed.

This has been the only thing to help me get and maintain proper website loading times and user experience.

Site Main Page:

Don't forget to check all of your pages, not just the main URL.

Here is example of another page on this site but all of them are Grade A except the main landing page which is the eye catcher.

I hope you find this helpful,


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MikaelM Premium Plus
Hi Shane,

A while ago you did a video where you showed how to speed up Divi using the W3 cache plugin - do you not recommend that anymore, or is it just because WP rocket helps even more?

All the best,
ShaneWelcher Premium
You can use the W3 cache plugin and have good speed however in my case I use a lot of videos and javascript so using the WP Rocket is the best plugin in my opinion.

All sites work well with the WP Rocket plugin

This is my up to date recommendation for Five if you use the settings correctly.

I have a custom way to setup the plugin.

I hope this helps answer your question
MikaelM Premium Plus
Thank you Shane.
LouisaB Premium
Shane congrats for earning Ambassador status.
Another great informational tutorial with lots of tips.
jake79 Premium
Hey Shane, thanks for sharing. I agree divi is an awesome theme but it's slow, I'm using the divi/extra so this plugin might come in super handy!

Be cool if you put a how-to video for the set up...Cheers Jake
Cindyda1 Premium
Hi Shane. I have WP Rocket but it is not activated. I thought about activating it for this purpose before I saw this but hesitant because I didn't want to add another plug in to my site as I am approaching too many (at least for what I've read is a recommended number of plug-ins).

I may go ahead now and activate it and try this though since my my last check with site speed was not very good.

ShaneWelcher Premium
WP Rocket needs to be setup properly so your site doesn't get broken, I will reach out to you later today to get this sorted out.

buffetearns Premium
Thanks Shane!

MozMary Premium Plus
thanks Shane, had heard about the speed issue with Divi, very kind of you to show us this!