Mailing is one of the best performance marketing channels to explore.

Socializing is also becoming a vital instrument more and more, but email lists are more effective with respect to consistent communication, lead, conversion and sales generation.

Henceforth, you will be working hard towards converting your social media friends and followers into subscribers.

Follow the approaches below to increase the conversion rate on your web pages:

  1. Give something valuable in exchange for the email address
  2. Enjoin visitors to join your mailing list during the buying process
  3. Send transactional emails to visitors that have taken actions
  4. Ask subscribers to forward every email to their friends
  5. Install an opt-in email subscription form on every page of your site
  6. Focus on the quality of your mailing list
  7. Ask your audience to join your list while in contact with each other
  8. Don’t ever say “Sign up to our newsletter”
  9. Add the sign up form to your thank you page
  10. Create a useful offer for the subscribers of other lists
  11. Create valuable online tools for your subscribers
  12. Create a special sign up page and ask your social media fans to join
  13. Don’t put your privacy policy next to the sign up form
  14. Ask only for the email address

Give Something Valuable in Exchange for the Email Address

Do you realize that the readers who are being prompted to fill up the sign up form are wiser than you? So, if you’re not giving out something valuable in exchange for what you are demanding from them (Their email addresses), they won’t fill up any form.

One of the best practices to build a mailing list is to give something which must be of high value in exchange for email addresses. When visitors see that your offer is worth subscribing to, they won’t hesitate to join your mailing list right away and you’ll grow your list successfully.

If you’re not very sure of what people really want, you will not be able to convert these one-time visitors into customers.

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PBereal Premium
Hello Israel,
Thank you for this training. I'd like to know what opt in email form you would recommend.
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for stopping by, PBereal! For the sake of SEO, I'd recommend a MailChimp landing page. Thanks for reaching out all the way!
Yes, I realize that many struggling bloggers do fail here by not building lists. Thanks for teaching this area too because every blogger needs to grow a mailing list. Your training is superb.

Israel17 Premium
Thanks for contributing to this tutorial, Victor! You're highly cherished. Being a newbie at Wealthy Affiliate, though not outside WA anyway as affirmed by you, you've got the right mindset toward online marketing and I know email marketing will help seriously in achieving this. Congratulations on making it to WA!
Paul2012 Premium
Someone once told me if you want to continuously earn from your online business, grow your mailing list. I just learnt how.
Israel17 Premium
You're very correct, Thumpsy. Thanks for your comment! One truly needs to grow mailing lists to continually earn online in any online business. Thanks for visiting! See you at the top of the online world soon!

Israel Olatunji
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Israel

I couldn't help to laugh out loud -- asking for their Mother's Maidenname! ;-) But yes, it is so super annoying when they ask for a surname, telephone number or even a city or country. I don't mind the name, but the rest is really not needed and I often complete the other fields with (what I imagine would be) equally annoying answers, like "Why do you need this?" or "Why do you want to know this info?"

Thank you very much for another very informative and comprehensive training, Israel! Bookmarked & Liked! ;-)

Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for stopping by, Sharlee! Great kudos for liking and bookmarking this training tutorial! This is much appreciated and cherished. Yeah, it's very annoying to ask people to enter their surnames, mothers' maiden names and all of that while only their emails should have been required. Thanks for the great contribution!

Israel Olatunji