If your question gets best answer it will get posted at the top position along with your resource link. I jumped higher than a high school cheerleader when my first answer was chosen as "The Best" answer.

It is imperative that the question(s) you answer are 100% accurate and complete. When adding your resource link just place your web page or post that is relevant to that question.

During the mid spring season I get anywhere from 50 to 100 unique visits from answers.yahoo.com

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That's a great idea! Ty
Goldenlady Premium
Thanks, goodsuccess. I should be able to answer some questions about something, even if I have to look up the answer. I've seen some of those Yahoo answers, and they weren't the correct ones, but no one had bothered to submit the right ones. I'm going to give this a try.
Pobman Premium
Unless things have changed you do have to reach a certain level before you can put links in your answers though... which helps keep the number of link spammers down.
goodsuccess Premium
You are right Pobman. You have to reach level 2 before your link becomes live. But as I said in this training post...if you know your niche it will not take long to get there.
Thanks for sharing this valuable info - building backlinks is my personal nemesis !
christopherM Premium
This is a awesome tip I've never even been to yahoo so it will be learning experience for me. I am definitely gonna use this advice. Thanks for sharing.