Once logged in to Commission Junction account, all the new advertisers that are coming in to the Commission Junction network straightaway we can see as usually several new advertisers per week join the Commission Junction network.

Now To Search for Merchants & Advertisers.


  • Find available advertisers, click Get Links.
  • If name of the advertiser or the merchant, just enter the name and click on Find.
  • If not, logical thing to do is to browse through the advertiser categories and find the category that is most suited to our website.
  • Browse through the main category to find the wider main topic first. Then narrow it to subcategories to find more targeted sub topic.
  • All available merchants in this category are here.


  • First column, the name of the advertisers.
  • Second column is the 3-month earning per click. It might says ‘EPC’, earning per click means the earnings per 1000 clicks.
  • The third column is the 7-day EPC. Difference between the 3-month EPC and the 7-day EPC is that the 7-day EPC shows the performance of the individual merchants in the past 1 week.
  • The 3-month, shows the performance in the past 3 months.
  • This helped to determine exactly how a particular advertiser has been doing in the long run and short term.
  • Fourth column,take notice of green bars. Commission Junction’s way of showing us which merchants or which advertisers have the highest network earnings.


  • Network earnings basically shows the profitability of the merchants. Commission Junction doesn’t publish the exact formula of how the network earnings is calculated.
  • Probably an equation that shows how many individual affiliates have made money promoting any particular merchant.
  • At the same time we still be able to see the actual commissions paid by that particular advertiser.
  • Advertisers can choose to pay a commission per sale, commission per lead, or even a commission per click. All combining to a single column, some offer commissions between 5%-12% euro. Some even same item they sell but pay a commission around 2% per sale. Plus performance incentive.

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sblasi999 Premium
publisher or advertiser? I sell candles and candle holders and blog about candle brands, candle=making and kits, so far. I am considering cj, but it's complicated for me. any suggestions?

Thanks in advance .
ontherise Premium
I would go with advertiser myself. Ultimately you want to make sales. Your blogging will attract traffic and your traffic will hopefully purchase.

Good luck!
sblasi999 Premium
thanks. I was going to do that, but then Kmart only has publisher affiliate programs.

Appreciate the effort. Best right back at you!

AfqmBiz Premium
Sorry for being late to come back to you as I was away for the past two weeks.Earlier, the market players online have all the spotlight mostly on them but as we enter 2018, all sort of market open up upon us in small and medium capacity to offer options for everyone rather than just focus on the big players.

Hey man, you have the stuff that can really open up all the possibilities for you to make a living out of it. Why not observe more the possibility as the Seller too? All three possibilities just from one product, candles.

I can say, candles, you make yourself available to both publisher and advertiser also the Seller you can have own brand of candles too. Go and do your homework on Ali Baba (if you think can try out with the small capital in hands, try to find the material on the bargain through A Grader Factory listed by them, as a Seller) and AliExpress for drop shipping (both provide publisher and advertiser too). I found CJ will giving us a bit of dilemma, I can say because of some other times a newbie status not too attractive to the networks.

Last but not least, sign up for RAKUTEN MARKETING, get your Candles niche around the place, select the directories that related to that niche, it is around the world businesses under one roof of marketplace provider. Go, Man!
dolrah Premium
Thanks, helps with my website planning.
BassetHub Premium
That's what I'm searching about

Many Thanks

AfqmBiz Premium
I am glad to find another my networking friend got helped by this info, to your success :)
BassetHub Premium
Unfortunately I couldn't get any positive results for my requests at CJ ....
Is it because I still have no traffic????
JoyNelson Premium
Thanks for putting this together! - Joy
AfqmBiz Premium
Hi Joy,

Thanks for your message. Hopefully you and me also the rest of WA Community can benefit from this together. Thanks!