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In this tutorial I am going to show you how to find group boards on Pinterest, and I will also show you how to find people to follow. If you are not a part of a group board on Pinterest, I highly recommend that you find 2 or three group boards within your niche and request to join because most group boards are closing.

This is because Pinterest is not giving a lot of exposure to content that is part of large group boards, they seem to favor content from small group boards, so this has caused most group boards to close and they are not accepting new contributors.

Its very easy to find group boards, just search for your niche on Pinterest and then click on the arrow on the right side of the search bar and scroll all the way to where it says boards, then try to find a board with a circle on it with several profile photos within the circle.

After you find the group board that you would like to join, follow the board and then request to join, and make sure you include your Pinterest user URL when you send the request, so it can be easy for them to invite you to join.

Also make sure you follow their rules.

Another way to find group boards is to find someone within your niche and follow them and then go to their profile and click on their boards, and then look for group boards that they are a part of and request to join.

This method will give your content a lot of exposure because if someone who has a following of 200k repins your pin, then that means your pin will be exposed to his/her folowers.

Pinterest gives you ideas for your long tail keywords so take advantage of the search bar

When creating your pins, find long tail keywords by using the pinterest search bar because they will give you suggestions about what people are searching for on Pinterest, so this is a good way to select keywords to use for your titles, descriptions and hashtags.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful, please share your comments with me below.

Thank you for your time


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