Finding a lucrative market is much easier than we think. The best is not to worry about the things you do not have but, instead to look within yourself and list down what you have. Brainstorm and make a list that can be grouped into:

  1. The things you are knowledgeable about – trained at school or university
  2. The things you have done in your career –job description tasks
  3. Business your family is running – have your family got a business what is it about?
  4. Your hobbies – the things you do at your spare time/things you enjoy doing
  5. The things you want to train in and are very passionate about learning
Building your business around things you have experience in or things you would be happy to learn, is the best way to build a successful business. Remember businesses are part of your daily life and they are built to stay.

Starting a new business in discipline you already know well, helps you cuts out the time you need for learning in that subject area. You will also be comfortable and talk knowledgeably about that area of business. While choosing a market you like keeps you motivated each day to work on your business.

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nomda ploom Premium
this is very solid and helpful as it challenges us to find what we want to spend time on- if you were able to do a non-Jaaxy ending i.e. using the WA keyword tool that would be ace too...many thanks for this training- Andy
terenzia Premium
Hi Andy,

I will do on for WA keyword tool. Let me play around with this tool and come up with a training. I have loved Jaaxy more but all are good tools.

I'll put that in my to do list

nomda ploom Premium
Terenzia, that is SO helpful of you- you are very much appreciated, I can tell you. Andy
gusti Premium
Thanks a lot Terenzia. Really is summarize things that has been hanging in my head. :-D
terenzia Premium
Hi gusti,

I am glad it did, I am happy to have helped you

1David Premium
That was a long blog but it explains everything from a persons passion to finding a market for a niche and researching it in using Jaaxy keyword research tool. This will save anyone time and trouble from building a website that will not convert. Good Job; I see a bright future in your IM business future.
terenzia Premium
Hi fastracks,

Thank you, the you help the greater you grow. I believe in that

Yolette Premium
Thanks Terenzia... Got my creative thinking revved up! You rock!
terenzia Premium
You are dear Yolette

Blas-Antonio Premium
Great reminder on how to stay focused. Out of curiosity what re your hobbies. I'll list a few for me and maybe it will spark ideas for others.

Visual Arts - Drawing and Painting
Graphic Design
Business to Business Sales
Business to Consumer Sales
Sales Mentor
Logistics Sales (Worked for FedEx)
Footwear Specialist
Outdoor Recreational Equipment Sales (camping equipment, climbing gear, footwear, etc.)
Play Bass Guitar in a Band all through College
Lived in Thailand
Trained in Martial Arts Most of my adult life and own my own martial arts school.
I run a fitness boot camp
I love pit bulls and any animal really
I love to juice all my vegetables and fruits
I love photography and film making
I'm a gamer...yes I still play video games
I have a passion for helping kids (Anti Bullying, Anger Management, and Suicide Prevention).
I love speaking in front of others

Wow...that's about all I have for now.

terenzia Premium
Hi Blas-Antonio,

Should I really tell you my hobbies? Okay

I am the greatest fun of Tony Buzan, I like playing with mind maps and reading Tony's books
Here is a Christmas 2012 Mind map Christmas cards I got from Phil Chambers of mind maps. Watch it in You Tube
I like Lumosity a computer game,
I like my brain solutions - catch your positive emotions
I like gardening
I like partaking in our community discussion forum
I like music and dancing
I like children and playing with them.
I like birds - love the Peregrine Falcon because of their fastness
I love the flamingo, they look nice and dance well
I like Safaris in the East African juggle
I like the Kenya rift valley and Mount Kenya - at my childhood I went hiking at this mountain. Ha ha I did not go high
I like Britain and royal guards uniform
I like the carnivals and the pleasing atmosphere
I like playing with Abode's design tools, Photoshop mostly
I like jogging
I like praying and thanking God
I like like hard work but don't like being too serious
I like playing cards

I would love to learn how to play chess - this is my challenge
I will stop here
Have a nice day