Obviously, when it comes to traffic generation, our ultimate goal is to create a constant flow of organic visitors.

But that's a complex, time intensive task. And more importantly, we can't rely exclusively on search engines to do the work for us. We have to get out there and do it ourselves.

In this tutorial I'll show you how ...

Most of these tips will involve getting to know people, sharing content and using different social media channels to generate traffic.

Basically, it's a mix of short- and long-term strategies that work across a broad spectrum of niches which you can put into action right now.

My recommendation: go through the list and start with the ones you think will work best for you!

Then take another look and see where else you can go for even more traffic ...

With that having said, let's see the main avenues and the actionable tips ...

1. Search engine traffic

I'm pretty sure that you are already "sick" of all those endless SEO guides. Unfortunately, SEO isn't optional. So give it time, and try to learn everything about optimizing your pages, performing keyword researches and improving the user experience. The results will come! Just don’t expect it to happen overnight ...

And here are a few tips that can help you to speed up the process ...

1.1 Create attention grabbing, engaging headlines!

Why? Because ...

On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.

Eventually - after all your SEO efforts - your pages might appear on the first page. But that's not enough! A first page position can be completely useless without engagement.

This is why is vital to craft irresistible headlines, so when your pages show up in the search results, people just have to click.

1.2 Create attention grabbing, engaging meta description tags!

I guess is pretty obvious ... You want to entice people to click your link rather than the ones around you.

The meta tag description itself is not a ranking factor. BUT! The meta description is the most important feature for improving your click-through rate from search results pages.

And the more people who click through those SERP entries, the better your site will rank in Google.

Simple as that. You need to create killer meta descriptions. Period.

A few tips ...

  • be descriptive
  • be persuasive
  • inspire curiosity
  • use the right and relevant words
  • if you write a meta description that is longer than 156 characters, Google will truncate it

1.3 Keep them on your site!

It may sound obvious, but I'm still seeing sites where ...

  • the affiliate links are opened in the very same window or browser tab, sending the visitors away from the actual site!
  • there are no internal links at all!

1.4 Build a list! From the very beginning!

OK. I'll say it in two different ways ...

Here's the first way to say it ...

And a second one, from the bottom of my heart ...

Build relationships with the people on your list and you’ll have traffic from it for a long time to come!

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Arnkor Premium
Great info here! Thanks
smartketeer Premium
Thank YOU!
ColleenF1 Premium
Thank you for all of this important information! I have been concentrating on social media the past couple of days and this helps immensely! Thank you! I had no idea that at Pinterest you can post the same photo on different boards or that you should use hashtags on Facebook. Should you use hashtags on all social media platforms?
smartketeer Premium
Thanks Colleen!

Here are the social networks/sites that support hashtags

Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, Orkut, Fluidinfo, Catch.com, FriendFeed
KayOSmith Premium
Oh my gosh! Thank you for this list! I've been looking for a list of the social media sites. I knew there were more out there, but couldn't figure out how to locate them. Thanks!
smartketeer Premium
Happy to help!
TomK1 Premium
Thanks Zed. Very helpful as always!

smartketeer Premium
Thanks Tom!
Nick-at-WA Premium
Thanks again Zed, excellent training!
smartketeer Premium
Thank YOU!
Nick-at-WA Premium
Wow!!! This is amazing. I'm sorry but what is an email list?