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Hey there everyone, Jimbo here again.

Have you ever wondered what theme a website is running?

Have you ever wondered what plugins they're using?

We can answer both of these questions quite easily (in most cases) with a website called

Why might you want to "spy" on someone else's website themes and plugins, I hear you asking.

Maybe you like the theme so much but it doesn't say what theme is being used when you scroll to the bottom and look in the footer.

Many themes, especially the premium themes, give you an option to remove the name of the theme from the bottom. On most, if not all free themes you will see the name of the theme in the footer.

In addition to detecting WordPress themes, this website also tells you what plugins someone is using.

Neat, right?

So, if you're wondering how Pat Flynn (of smart passive income) collects subscribers, maybe the plugin will be listed there. IF you want to know how Neil Patel does his on-page seo, it might tell you that, too.

In many instances with authority sites they have enough money coming in to get a theme that is customized specially for them. In this case it won't tell you. Never mind, you can still check out the plugins they use.

Check out

Spy on your competition!!!! hehehehe!

Live long and prosper!

Jimbo, over and out!

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RHBarlow Premium
That is great, I Spy!
Jim-Bo Premium
...with my little eye!
Debs3 Premium
That is great information. Thank you, Jimbo!
Jim-Bo Premium
Cheers Debs
MKearns Premium
I was aware of this. These detectors are great!
Jim-Bo Premium
Cool, do you know of any more detectors?
Jim-Bo Premium
Thanks Mike!
Jim-Bo Premium
it's the exact same one I showed in the video Mike...
LeonardG Premium
Thanks Jim-Bo! I like you post very much cause provide really good info what I was looking for - for some time.
I lost that or similar software (don't remember) on my broken hard drives somewhere on the way... LOL
For me Theme is Very Imported Feature of the Blog!
I know few good (paid) popular which I learn from Big Bloggers. Like Optimus - Multi-purpose WordPress Theme good for multimedia download it's reducing file size not loosing quality.
Actually I'm trying to find a link to one blog Theme I saw few years ago, and that was Theme with excellent design. But name of it was cover I guess. I have this link still I hope somewhere in my notebooks. That was thing I saw just once in my good few years surfing online.
Thanks again and All The Best my Friend Jim-Bo!
(This nickname remind me great movie I love: "Tai Chi Master" or "Tween Worriers" - with Jet Li... LOL)
I'll look for you training - when I'll be ready move on with my poor fresh blog.
I have a problem there with to get the Licence for already installed WP Plug In I recently have bought (Instant Affiliate Machines) cause of lack of access to the Cpanel. So I'm stack and I 'll try register new Blog on independent hosting to see if it's will works.
Jim-Bo Premium
Welcome always, Leonard!
LeonardG Premium
Thanks Jim-Bo!
ChrisScott Premium
You are such a good teacher, JimBo. I always smile when I see you have made a trainer because I know it is going to be informative as well as quite concise and balanced.

Thank you.
Jim-Bo Premium
My great pleasure, Teddy Bear!