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“How To Create Your First YOUTUBE Video With Your iPhone And Make $500 Days Online Even If You Are New” is a Wealthy Affiliate Training Video that explains a simple and easy way to “Just Do It” and “Get Started” utilizing the “Power of YouTube” to jump-start your Online Business!

Have you ever dreamed of being on TV?

If yes, think of this as your very own free-to-you TV Station!

If no, “Just Do It” anyway!

You will see the Benefits immediately:

  • Increased stats across all metrics
  • Increased earnings from all sources
  • It’s fun and addicting especially if you love to teach
  • It’s easier than blogging -it’s Video Blogging or “Vlogging” and you can tailor every video to be embedded into every blog post you create from now on
  • Make your Profile About Me Page on your website a 1 To 3 Minute Introductory Video
  • Remember, no excuses, just start today!

My apologies, because I am so shaky I hit the stop by mistake so there will be a Part 2 of this Training!

Barb ... my YouTube Channel is Rich Girl

PS Thank You for watching my WA Training Video

PPS Please Like or Share or Comment or Critique as you see fit

PPPS Let me know when you create your first video...I’d love to see it!

PPPPS Please attend WA FRIDAY WEEKLY LIVE TRAINING WITH JAY OF MAGISTUDIOS - this week May 11, 2018 is on :

“Producing Your 1st YouTube Video”

See All You "YouTube Creators" There!

PPPPPS I didn't realize the Video was so bad until I saw it uploaded here at's not as noticeable on the original...I will use Camtasia to produce a proper Video Before Jay's Training tomorrow!

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Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Michael!

Thank you so very much for taking the time to watch my video and since you asked, I believe it is OK to direct you to my YouTube Channel...the link is the last one #7 in "My Follow Me" on links area on my Profile Page...the bottom Right hand column below my Network and My Posts and My Trainings...I will go get the link!

Michael84big Premium
Is there any chance to see full video or another part ?
Easy-Moneys Premium
Hi Michael!

Here is my YouTube Channel named Rich has all the YouTube Videos that I have created - they are not great but they get the knowledge across!

Please let me know if you have a specific question and I can create a specific YouTube Video to answer it!