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If you have deleted some of your content after it has been indexed you will be sitting with broken links which can affect your website ranking and you could be losing readers too. You may also have contact that is outdated and you want to send your readers to your new content instead of having them arrive on the old content.

The solution is to create redirects, this video shows you how to create redirects using the Redirection plugin.

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Tammy32 Premium
Hi Lynn
Thank you so much for this training. I am new to WA.
I just installed the redirection plugin.
Here is my question: my WA URL is:
The website that I would like to redirect to my WA URL is

Which one is the source and which one is the target?
Would the source be the motor club of america?
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Tammy & welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Premium!

It's all ok -- just so you know, your questions have landed in the awesome WA community of members for response and here we are to assist however we can ...

Lynne is likely super busy so she'll get around to replying back to you when she can ...

In the meantime, if you have any doubts about the effects of what you're trying to do -- Jay, WA's Live Stream Coach generally suggests that you try it out on a test site or what he likes to term 'a sandbox' to learn what the effects of any change might be to your live site ...

Hope it all works out for you, all the best, cheerio ... :)
nathaniell Premium
The answer to your question is that the SOURCE would be the WA site, and the TARGET would be your MCA website.

However, what Lynne is doing in the video is not possible for your website, and what you want to do. Creating a redirect, as you have described, would just redirect the WA URL to the MCA URL. After that, you would not be able to work on your WA website because it would just redirect you to MCA.

To direct people to the MCA site, you need to create links within your content.
LynneHuy Premium
Thank you Nathaniell and Keisha for responding :) I've been so busy lately and hardly been able to log into WA.
Hi Lynn. I love your training vidoes. Thank you for sharing your wealth of information with us.
LynneHuy Premium
Hey Suzette :) That makes me happy! Enjoy :)
FKelso Premium
Just added a gold star to your post so I can find it again. It's a problem I haven't had yet, but it is nice to know where to find information if I do encounter it. Thanks much!
Triblu Premium
Hey Lynne,

I've been using Pretty Links to do this, but it is good to know there are other plugins available to be used. Great training!
LynneHuy Premium
Hey Trish

Pretty links is a link cloaker and shortener so it actually does a completely different thing.
AlanJE Premium
That´s very useful training, thanks Lynn, Best Alan
LynneHuy Premium
It's a pleasure Alan :)