Goal setting can be simple, just decide and set. But it can be in the "wish" or "hope" area which has no motivation energy or power over your actions.

I hope to take you deeper here to develop the powerful driver within that does drive and motivate.

In the online marketing area it is easy to wish and hope. I have read many of members' profiles with their hope to build an online business and quit the 9-5 job or be free to travel, retire etc. Our desires have to start somewhere and why not right there.

I've read we live in a world of contrasts, that's what makes living interesting. But in goal setting it helps us determine what we don't want, so we can want the opposite or know what we do want.

That helps us get clarity on goals to focus on.

We can take a look at the big picture, stepping back and write it down with descriptions.

Then there are steps along the way as we brake it down to bite sized steps, and begin.

All very analytical, even cold, without emotion.

I feel many will know our goals need to have emotional connects.

The big WHY. It's not what we want but why we want it, that's the emotional part, the feeling part.

It's feelings and emotions that give us confidence one way or the other.

Also you will all have found when you made up your mind that you wanted something, it began to eat away at you and eventually you had it.

LIke young guys with their first car, and young couples beginning a family, the drives are powerful in a social sense.

More mature aged folk working 30 or 40 years dream about the time when they can retire and do the things they really want, when they want and where they want.

Real freedom without the people telling us what to do.

These are all socially timely in our life journeys.


The key I have found to building the goal journey deep, right down to the bottom of my being, is to take it in steps like this. I encourage you to work this through and you will see your energy rise. Next the clarity of your whole journey comes into the open, because these steps will take you there.

This will take 20 minutes or so to visualise up. So get into an area where you can think and write. The whole process, as simple as it is, is to help you go deeper to find out why you really want to start or have a successful business on line.

1. Write out your "Why". The Why you want to have a successful, prosperous, consistant on line business. Fill it out with associated aspects of that description.

2. Next: Put yourself in that scene of a successful on line business and write what that would do for you.

3. Next: With that goal achieved in your mind, what will that show you about yourself, or allow you to do, be or have.

4. Next: Drilling down now. If you now have reached the above, with what you can do, be and have, what does that say about you.

5. Next: Driil down one more level. Taking the above and digging deeper.

6: Next: Drill down one more level. Remember you have achieved all you want to do, be and have. Finally, what does that say to you about yourself.

I reckon now you will be deeper than you have ever been in your connect with your inner "man" or woman. And reveal to you the big purpose in your heart.

I hope this process finds you encouraged.

Let me know where this takes you.

What you have found positive from the process.

What still needs strengthening for you.


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Hudson Premium
Very interesting, thanks for doing this for us Ken.
KenShaddock Premium
Thank you Hudson
APachowko1 Premium
Hi Ken

Thank you for the article. I really enjoyed it. I was always to think SMART before making a goal

KenShaddock Premium
Thanks Antonio, hope it encouraged you.
alisterbrede Premium
Good stuff. Thanks
LLettau1 Premium
Rather profound as well as enlightening!
FKelso Premium
Timely -- I am just finishing a post for my website about finding your why...at the very end I've put my life purpose. It's very enlightening to you to figure out your reason for being here.
KenShaddock Premium
Fran, yes our inspired purpose on the planet is wonderful to persue and discover.
FKelso Premium
Interesting, that I am now writing a post on goals. Reread your article for ideas. Glad I did my "why" story, as your post goes into it as well. Now to try to figure out an original "twist." That will be a challenge. Thanks for helping me clarify my thoughts.
KenShaddock Premium
Glad to have helped.