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People tend to make the process of building a business online more complex than it needs to be. In this video I am going to break down the process of creating a business, explaining the 4 components that are required.

These steps are:

(1) Building a niche website
(2) Create helpful, relevant content
(3) Get Rankings & Traffic
(4) Make Money (many ways you can do this)

Notice that the "make money" part comes in the 4th step. This is because before you can generate revenue, you first need PEOPLE to sell it to. The 3 steps are required before that and Level 2 of the training covers how to get ranked and get substantial amounts of traffic within any niche.

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smoore Premium
I have two sites indexed now. I am working on adding content and trying to find the theme that I am most comfortable with so I can move from site to site with the same theme. Good video. I am enjoying working toward finishing the training and moving forward as an affiliate.
bigrog44 Premium
I finally got to this level course after a few months of now doing it. Kyle I been at this for almost a year and a half. I would love to be successful at this. My work has been keeping me busy. Plus I had some other obstacles along the way. I want to be fully committed to this.
Duanerr Premium
This is a good session 3:10 in the training....I took a lot of notes here. I think I'm narrowing in down to about 4 to 6 (more probably) major hiccups for me presently along with about 5 to 8 minor ones....I've been at it a month and have come quite a way but have a long way to goal is to see where I stand in 12 months of WA as I see it now, looks like really the first 3 mths will be intense training with the remainder 9 mths less intense but still training none the less...tks, Kyle for your vids as they are jam-packed like "gun-powder".....Duane.
lamar4 Premium
When I say I am a beginner that in what I am. I am working on lesson 4 and to the point of adding a look for your website. I choose the look and down loaded it and get this message. What Fire Fox should do with file open with Archive utility or save. I use an apple lap top. I need help in what to do with it and how to use it with my site.

I got this message from Tony Omary. He is the person that I sign up with but am unable to get back through to him.

"You should save the file first and not open it. After saving, go to appearance>themes>add theme>Upload themes then upload the theme you downloaded."

I have saved it but that is as far as I have been able to go, I do not know how to do the following. After saving, go to appearance>themes>add theme>Upload themes then upload the theme you downloaded.

If some one can help with this I would be very grateful. I have tried several ways to send a message but have not been successful. If any one gets this message would you tell me be replying to me e mail, address

I am sending this message out with all the ways I think there is, so hope some one will get it.

Thank you LaMar
Kyle Premium Plus
Where are you downloading it from? This is likely an issue with your actual theme here Lamar (if you uploaded it).

You can change your theme at any time within your WP-admin:

Appearance => Themes

There are over 3,000 to choose from there and you will also be able to upload your own from there.

Simply do a search there (the search is pretty good) and you will be able to find a theme/look that you are seeking.

I have created some training on how to do this that you should check out:
lamar4 Premium
My problem is not knowing how to change a theme but how to get the theme in WA. I chose a theme from name cheap and I think I was able to send it to WA but am not sure but if I did I do note know were to go from there. I am lost and have been for over a week now.


PS how do I know if it was sent to WA?
DeRaj Premium Plus
I've never done it before, but so far I know, I think if your themes are belong to Wordpress, then only you can transfer it from other platform to here in WA, otherwise if it is belong to other platform, then you can't. In that case, you can only back up your all content from your previous website and paste those here choosing other theme in WA. Yep, it is hassle, but once you complete it, after that it will be more easy for you. But, if there is some shortcut ways, then only Kyle knows about it and it is better either you wait his reply or just directly send private message to him through his profile.
Good Luck!
Practice and it will be nothing . You will catch on .Push send
lamar4 Premium
How do I set up my WP-adminand and find the theme iconic-one. I would like to use it but am unable to find it.
DeRaj Premium Plus
Sorry, but from your queries it seems you have skipped some lessons. If you have taken every WA lessons by clicking the Green bar on the left hand side menu of WA, then you should have find everything about how to set up a website within those video lessons, step by step and much more ways to earn money from your that website. Even the answer of your queries are in very first courses, within 10 lessons. So, I suggest you to refer those videos, that can explain you much more better than what I can explain here.
You can also find how to change theme by clicking this link:- You can find the admin panel by logging in your website by clicking siterubix blue bar on the left hand side menu of WA and then after that "Manager" tab.
Good Luck!
DSonic Premium
It's easy to want to skip to the make money part, but it's not gonna happen without providing great content.

I often look at other authority sites in my niche and wonder how I'm ever going to compete with them, but then I remind myself that my content is still unique to me and if the keywords are done well then there's surely no reason not to pull in some decent engagement.

Thanks Kyle !