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This is a short video that will show you how to create a separate login for a Google Plus Page that you own or manage.

Do you need a separate Google Plus Page login?

Probably not, but for some people it may come in useful.
The reason I created this video is because another member was sharing content to Google Plus via social icons etc, but it was being shared on his profile and not the business page.
Another reason for creating a separate login, is to limit what 3rd Party Apps can access if you grant them access.
On another note, I'm sure you can probably find a Chrome or FF extension that will allow you to share to a Page and not Profile while viewing an online article.
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welshy Premium
Thanks for the comments, remember that most of you probably don't need to create a different login. I just wanted to share "how to".
Tinnakon Premium
Thanks for the video.
keleb16 Premium
Thank you so much for taking the time to make this article for me and anyone who benefits..Extremely helpful!!!
2Achieve Premium
Greetings... many thanks for the review. I'll use that for sure! I'm just getting into Google+ - I did not set myself up correctly and will need to complete a total re-do sometime soon. Thanks!!
Affmarket Premium
Thanks for the video!