What is Pinterest?

Hello Fellow WA Afffiliates. This is my first training, and i hope this will assist you in using Pinterest as one of your social media platforms to grow your business.

Pinterest is a Visual Picture Post where you can share Photos, Ideas, Create Personal Banners that link to your own website posts. When you view a picture on Pinterest you view an idea that links to an idea...your interest will be sparked...

You can choose from static images to videos with autoplay. Whichever one you pick, you will need three main components: A featured image or video, a description and a website link.

What is a Pin?

Pins are visual bookmarks that link all over the web. When a Pin catches your eye, you can click to learn more.

First of all if you do not have an account with Pinterest, you will want to create one. It is relatively easy. You can sign up with your Email, or Facebook, twitter accounts. If you sign up with email you can always link to your facebook and twitter accounts later....or not.

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FKelso Premium
Pinterest is fun, indeed. I've finally started making rich pins, which is a bit more challenging for me. I need to get more of them done. I guess this is the month, since we are focusing on Social Media.
mcknisu Premium
Oh yes...social media here we come
lesabre Premium
Hi Susan,

Thank you for the tutorial.

mcknisu Premium
U r welcome!!!