Step 4:Add Your Business Details What tracking details you need

Now you need to add your business-related field such as the category of the business. That means, healthcare, finance, game, etc..

And then business size, but, still our business is a small one, select it as your business size.

And then, next one which information you need from this tool from your websites or apps

I think all should select except other because later we can add more businesses in this google analytics account, app or a youtube channel or multiple websites

Now you Click the create button to accept the two agreements of it

  1. I also accept the Data Processing Terms as required by GDPR.
  2. I accept the Measurement Controller-Controller Data Protection Terms for the data that I share with Google.

    You should accept those two agreements of google analytics.

after accepting the agreements you can see the following message to sending an email about changes and updates of the tool.

I checked all, My recommendation is, tick all and click the save button because every detail we need to know. Because, site visitors, traffic, and ranking details through this tool. So, more suitable tick all.

Anyway, you can read more and tick each one and click the save button. Then, ....

Next Page: Select Your Property to Setup

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Dianesmith2 Premium Plus
This tutorial was easy to follow. I will get back to you. I keep getting a message to connect to monster insights. I have an analytics account already set up but google can't see to find my g mail account. I don't understand this. Code was supposedly pasted at the head of my website already by site support.

I am getting message to connect Exact Metrics. Which of these should be connected and if so I get an error for this to.

Thank you,
Nina64 Premium
Thank you so so much! I went through all your steps that were easy to follow and then set up monster analytics. This was so much easier than all the tutorials. I can't thank you enough!!!!
Triblu Premium
Hey Sam,

Thanks for offering this training, as it is badly neeeded.

The only problem with placing tracking code in the header.php of a website's WordPress theme is that the next time the theme is updated, the tracking code will be overwritten and disappear from the website.

The users need to use an SEO plugin or... at the very least, the headers and footers plugin like that which is shown here: Feel free to update your training to include this information, as I'm sure others will be glad for the additional info.

Hope this helps you.
AmazeCPS Premium
OK. sure I will modify the training to add Gtag code
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - your suggested method of using the Theme Editor is not recommended. Should you ever change your theme, then Analytics will disconnect. You would have to reconnect it and will lose all the previous data related to your website.
AmazeCPS Premium
OK sure. I will modify the way of adding Gtag code.

I appreciate your comment to mention it.
Thank you.