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A Gravatar is an "avatar" image that follows you from site to site when you do things like blog or comment on blogs.

Creating a gravatar associated with all of your Wordpress comments is very important as it adds credibility and humanizes not just the comments you post on your website, but the comments that you post on others' websites. This leads to a better, more interactive and trustworthy discussion.

To create a gravatar, it is a very easy process. You simply go to and set-up an account.


**Do know that you can only have one gravatar per email address, so if you want multiple gravatar accounts you will need to use unique email addresses that are not registered within the platform.

In this video I am going to walk you through the following:

  • Creating a account
  • Adding an image to your gravatar account
  • How to test your gravatar live
  • Associating a gravatar with a user in Wordpress.
  • Adding a gravatar to the SiteComments platform

Note, if you are wanted to add a brand new User to Wordpress, you can follow this training which will walk you through the process;

===> How to Create a New User in Wordpress

If you have any questions about how gravatars work, how to set them up or anything discussed in this video, please leave your comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out. :)

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kkwee Premium
Wonder why suddenly this thing pop up? I did my first comment without having to go through all this, it is kind of annoying to me where suddenly I need to create, setup and sign-in into an account then go back to the comment again. Got lucky if my commenting page is not refreshing else it will change to others webpage for comment and I don't know how to go back to the previous one which I am ready to comment. I am using my Nexus and smartphone to do all the work, it is not very convenience to go fore and back. And I noticed I still earn one credit after my second comment, is my previous comment waived?
BellaCa Premium
Same here kkwee....sooo frustrating, havent found the answer yet :(
RickRamm Premium
Please don't tell me I have to have a Gravatar Acct to continue on with the comments and training. If so that's going to be $15 a month?
Also, I created an email for my website and forwarded it to my yahoo account. When I sent a test it didn't forward. Is there a significant delay usually or did I miss a step?
SweetAngel Premium
It shouldn't be costing you anything? Mine was free.
tmaltz Premium
Gravatar accounts are free. Maybe redo the lesson to get the email forwarding correct.

You can also search here for training in the white search box. I use Gmail and had to do it a few times cause I missed a step or two the first time.

If not, throw your question to the community. There's bound to be someone who's gone through the same thing who uses Yahoo.
Trisha43 Premium
Ok. I went to sign up for my gravatar. I made up an email address but when I go to it I get a google webpage. It doesn't look at all like an email. Should I have just used the email I had already set up in WA and if so, how do I access it.
browzman Premium
You cannot use a forwarding email to receive your confirmation email, and your email must be a valid email. Via your Wordpress profile, update your email address if it is not valid. Go back to your Gravatar profile and use a valid email. A page from will appear for you to activate the new email.

I hope this is complete as I used this only once. Let me know if this works. And I accessed Gravatar on my website via my SiteRubix hosting.
JAS1148 Premium
Do we have to pay for this? As when I tried to create one it said had already had one. I don't remember doing it. Then it takes me to a plug in that I have to pay for,which is $15.00AUD per month.
I do remember adding it because I though it was free but when it said I had to pay for that as well I didn't install it. And the costs keep rising.
So much for free website at $66.33AUD per month. Then I paid for a plug in that won't up load to the website it was a buy one get one free, the one I didn't need, uploaded and the other one didn't.
When I tried to contact them about it they gave me some rubbish which I already knew, tried contacting them again and got no reply this was Backup Buddy $60,00AUD. So not a happy camper at the moment. On top of all that when I try to ask a question it won't go through. So far only one question has gotten through and that was a private message to Kyle. and then we have to wait 24 hours to get a answer.
SweetAngel Premium
browzman Premium
Can you supply the URLs for us to see which site this is?
DorcasW Premium
Hi Kyle; I opened a Gravatar account sometimes ago However, I did not write down the account so I cannot go into gravatar direct yesterday I click on gravatar and pop says if I have a word press account I can login to gravatar with it. I did. and was able to add a picture to my profile. But today when I log into my website the picture is no where to be found and I am stuck again without a picture in my website.
Is it OK for me to set up another gravatar account?